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Fashion is an eternally evolving outlet for expression. I have a profound interest in how clothing can portray a message about one's self. I am particularly fascinated by the progression in the accessibility of garments since the fashion boom of the 1960s; I'm greatly inspired by the various British subcultural styles that have since been reshaped over the generations.

My love for fashion first formed whilst shopping in the city centre in my early years. The vast array of designs and colours never failed to captivate me and helped to ignite my interest in fashion. Over the years my appreciation for fashion, and its surrounding media, has expanded to include fashion journalism.

The role that journalism plays is crucial in transferring brands, concepts and opinions to the wider population. I am particularly excited to deepen my knowledge and understanding of this subject on the course.

Studying my A-levels has helped me to improve my analysis and evaluation skills through various essay work, whilst overall broadening and defining my own personal writing style. All my subjects are essay based which has helped to enhance my time management abilities in meeting deadlines and means I work well under pressure.

Sociology has opened my mind to the powerful relationship between society and the media. How society is heavily influenced by the media is immensely important, as it shows how easily it is to imprint ideas on the public.

This is especially important when broadcasting body images as they should encourage positivity for all body types and skin types.

Also, sociology has helped me increase my confidence in group projects and presentation skills. This is due to the high volume of learning that takes place through independent research and then is fed back to the class via presentation.

Studying Psychology has helped me develop my understanding of people, particularly in the area of considering how people interpret images and colours.

I'm currently working towards completing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. It has been an amazing experience and has definitely helped me develop into a more confident person.

I've improved my teamwork skills through working as a group to navigate and achieve out expedition missions as part of the award. I participated in volunteering at a primary school, working with children in sport clubs, as part of the award. This was rewarding as I gained critical confidence as a successful team leader and it helped me in becoming a more self-motivated and driven individual.

In my spare time I enjoy expressing myself through paintings and drawings, which are mainly fashion oriented. I was recently inspired by the Versace spring/summer 2015 collection through the use of optic prints and blocks of clashing colours.

I have a strong passion for fashion writings and enjoy reading Vogue and various fashion blogs to keep up to date with the latest trends. I hope to future my knowledge and interest into online fashion media on the course.

A personal favourite blogger of mine is Tommy Ton, who captures the crème de la crème of street style looks from across the globe. His photography skills are other worldly and his fashion knowledge always shines through the projects he works on. Miranda Kerr is one of my favourite street style icons.

Her outfits are the perfect mix of casual pieces and elegance flares, making even everyday errands a fashion show. This view is reflected in the positive attention and applause she receives on fashion blogs over the world.

I aim to play a pivotal role in the future of the fashion scene and I feel this course will enable me to do so.

Fashion communication (and promotion) will provide me with the base skills and abilities to make it into the fashion niche. I feel that I will bring innovation and diversity to the course, through my sense of creativity and unique style.

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This personal statement was written by cheriej for application in 2014.

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This is my personal statement for Fashion Communication and Promotion. When I was trying to write mine I found very few examples on what to include; I felt it would be helpful to upload mine online for all you future potential fashion students. I have been highly praised for the written quality and content so I feel it's a good example to take inspiration from. Good luck, but please remember no plagiarism!
Out of the 3 universities I applied for, i've got 3 offers back.


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