Fashion Management Personal Statement Example 4

Fashion speaks to me on a personal level. To me fashion is a form of art and self-expression. I love how fashion is inspired by art, music, history and culture.

Accessories can make a simple outfit look different and unique; so many looks can be created alone with accessories. I aspire to travel the world to see fashion in different cultures, as culture has shaped fashion around the world. I would also love to work with young designers and discover new talent.

The designers that I like are Agnes B, Topshop Unique and Marchesa. They’re all different in their own way, but they all have personality in their designs.

I am currently studying Business, French and English literature and language. I have learned how a small business is run and how they operate. I’ve also learned about consumer trends and branding in marketing and learned about balance sheets and budgeting in finance. I think this is essential knowledge for working as a buyer or a merchandiser in fashion.

In French I am currently learning about French arts. I particularly enjoy this as I aspire to work in Paris. Famous works of art have inspired designers to create spectacular pieces loved by millions. English has helped me develop my writing skills that are important for communication in business and I have learned to analyse texts in depth and I have also created my own original pieces of work.

The work experience I have gained at Zoë Boomer gave me the decision to study fashion management. I worked in her studio steaming garments, data entry, packaging garments, attended a photo shoot and sending emails. I really enjoyed this as I was determined to help her business grow.

I spent 10 months working with Zoë Boomer and I intend to work with her in the future. Working with Zoë has inspired me to hopefully run my own fashion business in the future.

I am currently working as a sales assistant in Oxfam Boutique. I have learned a lot about responsibility and organisational skills in retail. I have also developed my social skills and working in a team.

I have had the chance to learn about visual merchandising whilst working in Oxfam. As Oxfam is a business that has to appeal to all ages, I found it challenging yet exciting dressing a form for a young woman and an older woman. Through this I have gained confidence and leadership skills.

I was on the netball team in primary school and high school, I was also a mentor for key stage 3 in primary school. This shows that I have learned to work in team and that I can teach others. In year 11 for textiles I had to create a garment for a young person. I researched designers, fabrics and the latest fashion trends.

My design and my overall garment were very successful because of the positive feedback I received.

I want to pursue a career where I can travel and work in a fashion environment. My hobbies and interest are art, performing arts, psychology, the gym and reading. I also like to visit museums and art galleries. I live by myself so I am very independent.

I think university will give me drive and confidence to learn more about fashion as a whole. I read fashion blogs, magazines and I enjoy shopping. So I am very suitable on a fashion course. I will also develop new skills and I will grow as a person.

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This personal statement was written by TangerineMouse for application in 2011.

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Got 5 interviews but i withdrew my applications because i wasn't too sure about studying fashion. My head of year and the school librarian did actually think my personal statement was really good.


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Thankyou so much for this

Thankyou so much for this statement! it really helped understand what a statement should be set out like and what language to use!

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