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I am currently studying a UAL Foundation Diploma Art & Design specializing in Fashion. Fashion and Textiles is a major focus throughout my education, and this has been reinforced through my participation in a series of exhibitions and competitions to gain exposure for my work. This has included exhibiting my fashion design at Alexandra Palace, the Business Design Centre, the Apex Gallery, and Babylon Gallery. I was also shortlisted for the National Fashion and Textiles award at the Business Design Centre where I was required to exhibit my garment as part of a fashion show. The key aspects in defining my garment designs have gained a clear understanding of pattern cutting and construction which has provided a foundation on which to build my surface embellishment. I always want to show a high level of attention to detail when making a piece of clothing. Fitting my designs to a specific model has extended my learning from my original investigation of using a mannequin to my ultimate wearable designs.

I completed in an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) which was a project where I looked deeper into Chinese fashion and how it has developed for the dynasties to the modern day and have produced two garments. One is from the Ming Dynasty and the other is my own concept, idea of the 21st century and some historical influence. (designer)From this project I learned how to manage my time and be more independent as well as making decisions on my own about what would look good when making the garment. Further, I was also involved in many amateur plays helping with the hair, makeup and costumes including Peter Pan play, Medea, and The Musical.

I always like my work to be an adventure when exploring unique designs which I am able to get inspiration from anything and places that i go to. What I would like to learn is to become more experimental by using equipment like a laser cutter or embroidery machines on fabrics. I am also eager to learn about different types of texture, pattern, and form to create something new. Through my design process in my sketchbook, it helped me express and understand myself on my strength and how to evolve designs either as a garment or an accessory. I hope to show and communicate to people through my own unique and personal perspective of my own collection to show and understand the meaning of it.

I am currently doing a foundation year. In this year I have learnt new skills in the workshop which includes 3D designs such as draping on a mannequin using both cloth and paper. I also learned digital printing which allowed me to express my drawings into prints. In one of my projects called Accessories 'Everyday objects', we had to think about sustainable materials. We had to bring in everyday objects and make an accessory for the muse that we have chosen. Through this project it helped me reflect on my designs to what worked and what i could do better like what materials to use.

In the future, I would like to study BA level as it would be able to give me the opportunities to be able to expand my knowledge in the fashion world like making diverse types of forms with fabrics by using and learning new techniques through professionals to make my own successful collections.

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