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My enthusiasm for Business Management and Marketing flourished from my enjoyment of English, and the communicative, interactive and media-related elements within the subject. This inspired me to take up Media

Studies as one of my key A-Level subjects, which I feel I have progressively excelled in. Part of this is due to taking a prominent role as Subject Captain, as it has allowed me to hone in on several skills: one of them being leadership, which is an important factor of Business Management, and I can gladly say that I have become more confident and assertive when leading a group.

My psychology A-Level has given me an insight into the workings of one’s mind and an understanding of how to influence people. This definitely contributes to my knowledge of selling products in a convincing and strategic way. My Business A-Level is my strongest subject which is what initially convinced me to follow this career path, and then my natural inquisitiveness led me to develop my research into this course.

Marketing, in my opinion, is the most important and influential division of a business. Promoting a product in the correct, most captivating way is essential to a business, and I am thoroughly motivated and eager to dedicate my time and effort into this course. Participating in the Spark Kickstart Programme was immensely educational for me.

When visiting the company Dewhurst, we were given the opportunity to not only explore the factory and machinery first-hand, but we were also able to see the strategic side of it. A memorable speech given by the marketing manager at Dewhurst increased my knowledge even further about the importance of brand image and the way a business presents itself and its products or services. Whilst working for Merlin Entertainment at Thorpe Park, it drove home to me the real importance of customer service, and how being affable and approachable is essential when conversing with others.

Moreover, working here was a crucial part of me understanding the importance of team work and efficiency. During a week-long placement with a construction company in outer London, I was able to experience a fast-paced working environment in the head office. Constantly monitoring phone calls and dealing with customers and employees allowed me to enhance my communication skills. Furthermore, completing small tasks asked by senior management allowed me to improve my confidence and ability to work calmly in high pressure situations.

Throughout secondary school, I was a proud member of an MMA class I used to attend, as MMA was one of my many favourite hobbies. During the time I was a member, I gained many awards such as ‘most hard-working student of the year’, as well as achieving trophies and medals for resilience, determination, and most hard-working, which are essential for entrepreneurship. Additionally, taking a Japanese Oriental Class at SOAS University required me to be independent, dedicated and helped me enhance my own communication skills in more than one way.

These are all skills and manager should have, which is why I feel as I am perfectly suitable to endeavour this career path. Recently watching Thomas Cook’s downfall has taught me many do’s and don’ts about how to run a business. One of the factors I have observed that led to the failure of this 178 year old business was its inability to cope with modern technology: the business kept open its high street stores, which was inconvenient to customers and competitors were able to push Cook out of the market because of this.

The study of business management and marketing is associated with independent, innovative, and creative cognitive thinking. I am committed to pursuing this course as a vocation because it is an engaging, fulfilling profession that would allow me to become intellectually stimulated towards new, distinctive products as we venture in to the next generation.

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