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When you ask somebody what they think of when you say ‘Phones4u’, most people will probably reply with a hand gesture which vaguely resembles a phone, the number four and the letter ‘u’. The power of marketing and the way it can manipulate a person’s view of a company or brand is something which has fascinated me for several years. It’s for this reason that I would love the opportunity to study the subject in depth at university.

After finishing school I began freelance website/graphic design as a way to earn extra money. During this time I developed websites for a Production company in Chesterfield and an Aberystwyth based solicitors. Primarily, using Google Adwords and social networking websites to attract clients, I realised the importance of marketing and developing a strong brand. It also proved to be a huge learning curve, improving on my communication and negotiation skills.

During summer of 2007 a friend and I noticed a gap in the market, something which was beginning to gain popularity across the country but had not been seen in our area – a local, unsigned music festival. I knew from the popularity of the local music venues in the area that something like this could also prove to be very successful. Alongside over-seeing the organisation of the festival my role was to publicise the event and to recruit volunteers.

After developing a marketing plan, I designed posters which were distributed across the city, built a website and also created Myspace and Facebook pages which attracted a four thousand people strong following and an overwhelming amount of interest and support. I used the social networking websites to distribute simple market research questionnaires to gain a better understanding of their behaviour.

More recently, I have been a volunteer for two charities: Samaritans and Caudwell Children. While my role at both charities bear similarities, they also vary in many ways. With Samaritans my main role is to promote the Stoke and Newcastle branch, through radio advertising, newspapers and by organising local events. At Caudwell Children, I help to promote the charity through their events, helping at collections and maximising fundraising opportunities.

I’m currently studying for an Access to Higher Education Diploma in order to ensure that my academic skills are developed to a level appropriate to tackle higher education. I enjoy discussing different viewpoints and debating within the group, and this has helped me to develop the structure of my own opinions and ideas, and has also improved my analytical, communication, academic and interpersonal skills which I believe will be invaluable throughout higher education.

My experiences, along with the skills and passions I have gained from them, have left me wanting to widen my knowledge of the subject and to progress on to a career within the area of marketing and business development. I am looking forward to being able to explore the basics and depths of Marketing, especially studying buyer behaviour, customer perception and developing brands. I hope that in the future, you’ll be able to ask somebody about a brand developed by me, and also be able to predict the outcome with almost certainty.

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This personal statement was written by Markeiboi for application in 2009.

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Keele University
Liverpool Hope
Liverpool John Moores University
University of The West of England, Bristol

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Must have been windy in

Must have been windy in Neville's today.

the opening paragraph is

the opening paragraph is about advertising not marketing.

Actually, advertising is a

Actually, advertising is a component of marketing, so they're technically still correct.

I've seen a few other

I've seen a few other marketing personal statements on this website; this is by far the most impressive in my opinion and has given me a few ideas for my own :)


Great article post.Really thank you! Great.


I value the article.Thanks Again. Want more.

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