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There is no denying that the world is experiencing profound changes in economics and constant perfection of marketing mechanism and system. China is emerging as an active participant of world marketing system and is developing itself with an ever accelerating speed in recent years. Therefore, specialists who are well educated and trained in marketing field are of a great need. Spurred by this observation, I am making a sincere application for an advanced degree program in your greatly respected university.

The decision of choosing marketing as my major was inspired by my parents. My mother is the one who influence me most in my life. I witnessed the foundation of her company and its development. Her passion and industriousness that enables her to be successful also affected me deeply. I wish to make an equal or a greater success for my parents to be proud of me.

As an undergraduate majoring in Marketing, I have taken a variety of courses to study fundamental marketing theories and pedagogy such as E-Commerce and Network Marketing, International Marketing and Retail Management, to name only a few. I study hard on my major which have distinguished myself as an outstanding student in my class. In the meantime, I take Law as my second major, with the help of which I can make more reasonable and legal decision in my future economic activities.

During secondary and high school years I have significantly developed mature attitude and independence since most of the time I spent away from my parents, studying in a different city. At university, I gained not only theoretical knowledge but also some valuable hands-on experience by running a second-hand shop with some of my classmates. This practical experience greatly contributed to my learning as well as elevated my confidence and specialty. At the moment I am working on the project “The Red Dragonfly flies into Nigeria” concerning dispersal of quality Chinese brand shoes within another country's market. Responsible for the presentation of this collaborative research, I, particularly, enjoy this part of International Marketing course.

Being an energetic and enthusiastic person, I devote my spare time to Football Association of my College where I undertake the post of vice-chairman. I have successfully organized and planned many activities, including staff recruitment, which has largely improved my leadership and communication skills. Dealing with my intensive studies and busy association responsibilities, I managed to obtain the driver's license and prepare myself for the IELTS test, which only strengthened my ability to manage time effectively.

In the future, ideally, I would like to start my own business and establish a brand with high reputation. Such an ambitious goal requires not only strong determination but also comprehensive understanding, and I believe that your university Master programme can greatly contribute to the weight of my knowledge and experience in this area. The International Marketing field in xxx University enjoys a world wide reputation for the high quality of its scientific research as well as proficient teachers.

Located in one of the world's foremost business and financial centers - the city of London, your university is a highly desirable place for me to study, since the capital of the UK presents a wide range of opportunities to apply gained knowledge in practice. As a fast growing business school in UK, the School of Business and Management provides students with theoretical and practical course and well-equipped facilities which will fulfill my dream with excellent preparation for careers in marketing arena.

I truly believe that the sound academic environment at xxx University of London would permit me to learn systematically with my possessed abilities and solid determination. Through maximizing the Master's experience, consistent awareness of the global marketing environment and perseverance, I am confident of completing the Master's program successfully and fulfilling my career objective to become a successful entrepreneur in the global market.

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This personal statement was written by Elizabeth3 for application in 2009.

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It's my draft. I'm not English, therefore, would appreciate any comment and suggestions for improvement.


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its good,but there are alot

its good,but there are alot of grammatical errors and also some things put in were irrelevant.

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