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Since studying marketing during my business studies a level my interest in the subject has grown rapidly, in my opinion marketing is the most influential division of a business.

Not only does it provide information for key business decisions but it also contributes to giving businesses clear direction and targets. This is one of the many reasons I would like to study it further.

The subject as a whole interests me and I have strived to take my interest out of the classroom. Although I have had no direct experiences to a marketing profession I have had previous jobs that have given me some exposure to it and I have tried to draw knowledge from them by trying to understand their various marketing strategies.

Throughout previous jobs I have seen different approaches to marketing, for example a local Chinese takeaway relied heavily on loyal customers and competitive pricing where as a large garden centre invested heavily in branding, attempting to further dominate there position in the local market.

By observing the way these businesses approach marketing I attempted to get involved as much as I could, for example whilst I was working at the take away I brain stormed some ideas for the owner to consider such as loyalty stamps, ‘discount days’ and the ‘create your own dish’ idea.

Many of the ideas I came up with were implemented and have increased the customer base, therefore increasing turnover.

My ICT A level has improved my computing ability and I can adapt to new software quickly, I have also developed my creativity skills further when using multimedia and graphic design software. This could be a valuable asset whilst studying this course.

My business studies a level could also be invaluable on this course as it has given me the basic knowledge of businesses, how they operate and how Marketing is involved within them.

Studying Marketing as a module has given me basic grounding of the subject, studying such topics as the marketing mix and the numerous marketing theories has given me the foundations of Marketing to build upon which will be beneficial because some topics may not come up within the degree, giving me additional understanding.

Each of the subjects I have chosen to study at A Level can be linked with Marketing, some in more ways then others but each has given me experiences that have led me to choose Marketing as my subject to study.

I play rugby which ensures I communicate and co-operate effectively and I also surf which has allowed me to travel and experience diverse cultures.

Taking a gap year has allowed me to fulfil certain ambitions as well as giving me time to thoroughly consider my goals and aspirations whilst keeping in mind what I’ll enjoy studying the most.

I look forward to the educational challenges I may come across whilst studying and I hope not only too progress at a personal level but also become one step closer to laying the foundation for a successful future in Marketing.

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