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“Business has only two functions- marketing and innovation”. This famous quote by Peter Drunker points out the essential role that marketing plays in any economics entity. It holds such power that can greatly influence the view of consumers towards a brand without their notice. Marketing also appeals to me as an art, a combination of great originality, vision and acumen. My curiosity for marketing was first started in the second year of university and since then, it has created a growing passion for exploring its multi-aspect and dig deep into the nature of marketing.

My major in Business Administration offers me a solid ground in business management, including general concept and idea about the study of marketing. Consumer theory and Internet marketing are my two favorite section during marketing lectures. I am able to master analytical method and critical thinking through regular exploring of case study and projects. Motivated by the passion for marketing, I apply all skills and knowledge in conducting a quantitative research on Communication on Social Media and my thesis became quite a success. It received high score and positive comments from my supervisor, reinforcing my determination to pursue higher study.

University activities also helps me gain lots of experience in teamwork. School events organization, class assignments and representations have enhanced my skills in cooperating and social interacting. I can become a great partner to energetic and passionate colleagues. Nevertheless, in need, I am as well capable of becoming a good leader. My linguistic ability in English and German is also an advantage for me to work in a more dynamic and international position.

During summer vacation, I work as an English tutor and attend voluntary event at local university. These jobs give me opportunities to engage in a lot of planning, organizing and presenting in front of the crowd, from which I slowly gain confidence and self-recognition. In addition, I gain useful insight of the manufacturing and retail segment being an apprentice in a mechanical company. My duty involves not only in bookkeeping but also in customer service. Hence, I get to meet a wide range of clients and learn what the customer want as well as how to fulfil their need to generate optimal returns. Under intensive pressure and competitive environment, I grow to be more independent and proactive at work.

Since a very young age, I have taken interest in drawing and reading. I love drawing and have joined some basis courses during high school. Drawing puts my mind at ease and serves as an outlet for my ideas and imagination. Reading is another passion of mine. I read books to relax but most of the time, I find it enjoyable finding the hidden meaning behind the shallow surface of a story. By doing so, both my creativity and critical thinking are polished up. A great deal of my comprehension in marketing is the result of self-reading. My taste in reading is eclectic, ranging from scientific book, economics articles to romance novel. Some of my favorite are Gone with the Wind, Sans famille and my must-read book: Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith. Reading trains my patience and focus and as a result, improves my working efficiency.

Like other marketers, I am well-aware of how digital technology has changed the way seller and consumer communicate. By greatly strengthen the power of marketing, digital media has become irreplaceable in the modern industry. With a strong drive to success, I am convinced that a master in digital marketing is the best option to pursue in-depth understanding of my future career. Choosing to study at A University is the decision that I have put a lot of thought to. With a reputation in business teaching, A University offers great facility and marketing teaching program. Moreover, the high proportion of international students creates a dynamic and diverse environment. Both thing combined, I am determined that A university is the best destination for me to advance practical and theoretical skills while enjoying multicultural campus.

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