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Marketing appeals to me as it is argueably the most important department of any business.

I understand the importance of marketing for all companies, whether it be small, medium or a blue chip company. I believe it would challenge my more creative side aswell as testing my theoritical skills. I'm particularly interested in the more creative advertising side of marketing and the physcology behind it.

My father owns his own graphic design and marketing business so I appreciate how advertising campaigns can work and understand how these contribute to the marketing campaign.

My mother is also part owner of her family business, so I have experienced business throughout my life and I believe this has contributed to my passion towards this subject. I am currently studying an A Level in economics.

This course has helped me build upon my analytical skills, which I find myself incorporating into my other subjects, English Language and ICT, and will no doubt assist me during my higher education course. I enjoy taking part in group discussions, having debates and running with ideas and I honestly believe the course, and the overall transfer from GCSE to A Level, has matured me.

Having worked at a camera shop and an electronics store, I'm especially familiar with the retail industry, although I've also worked at a local hotel. I believe these jobs have helped increase my confidence and improve my communication skills.

In my spare time I play football at my local power league and play squash every weekend. As well as maintaining my health and fitness I believe playing sports is important because it teaches how to work and communicate in a team.

I want to pursue higher education as I believe that it will provide me with all the experience and knowledge I need in order for me to successfully get a job in the marketing industry.

I am looking forward to the academic side of university. I'm always looking for new challenges and feel I work more efficiently when given independence. I'm also looking forward to the social aspects as I love meeting new people and making new friends.

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This personal statement was written by RicoBex for application in 2006.


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In my view this statement is

In my view this statement is very consistent and clear so that to give others an idea of how a good paper should look like. :)

well after search through

well after search through millions of personal statements for marketing dis has been da best so far..... gd job

where can i find marketing

where can i find marketing personal statements does anyone know

I would suggest adding more

I would suggest adding more about economics. If this is applying for uni then maybe about the university courses and what you look forward to, good start though!

this is well goood like, i

this is well goood like, i like goin cmabridge and it well helped me gettin there u no wat i mean?!? lol

good statement

good statement


thanks a lot, put me on track to what a real personal statement should have, every one who is doing a personal statement dont rust it, its your future

bare spelling mistakes bt

bare spelling mistakes bt apart from dt its alrite

why can't any of you spell?!

why can't any of you spell?! if you are being critical about something you could at least do it well!

spell check?

spell check?

is it absolutely neccessary

is it absolutely neccessary to have psychology in pr and communication?

straight 2 tha point,, -good

straight 2 tha point,, -good

this is wonderful

this is wonderful

It's good

It's good

its ok, i dont think you had

its ok, i dont think you had enough to say about marketing though

"bare spelling mistakes bt

"bare spelling mistakes bt apart from dt its alrite"

This spelling is cracking.


Also guys be careful you don

Also guys be careful you don't "rust it, its your future"

this is great ps in my

this is great ps in my opinion, great layout, clear structure. Well done mate.


Copy & Paste

Oh dear

Pretty damn awful, reflects the people who have commented it. 'lol'

Dumb people, dumb people

Dumb people, dumb people everywhere.




Thank you, a really good statement. Offering a very good guide to writing a personal statement of this nature.

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