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The reason I chose the UK as the country I want to study in is that I have always admired its long-established traditions not only in education but also in politics, religion, sport, etc. To me it is most fascinating how Britain has succeeded in preserving its culture, customs and traditions despite the crucial historical events it's been through.

Having carefully examined the country's living conditions, I am completely convinced that I would feel most comfortable studying in such environment.

I made the decision to apply to a marketing-related course after contemplating on what appeals to me, what I feel I am good at and what I would be glad to do in the future.

Researching the subject I found out that I am mostly interested in marketing communications which, with a focus on advertising, develops not only students' theoretical thinking but also their creativity. Influencing people's choices and decisions, marketing communications are of extreme importance to today's business world. Directly or indirectly everybody's life is related to marketing.

The effect product's characteristics has on contemporary customers is of particular interest to me. I eagerly want to gain more knowledge about what affects people's thinking both in positive and negative way. I am really enthusiastic about studying and examining buyers' ever-changing behavior, opinion and choices.

During the course of my education I have attended three different schools and I have always managed to quickly adapt to the environment. Relying on my communication skills, I have never felt uneasy trying to establish new acquaintances which have further developed into friendships.

For a couple of years I have been the class' paymaster which shows the complete trust my classmates have in me. I also constantly take part in the organization of events such as attending theatre plays or concerts or celebrating different occasions which helps me develop my organization, persuasion and manipulation skills.

Last year I was chosen to be the regional representative on a National Language Competence competition which included team working and producing an advertisement which had to show our concept of Bulgaria. We gave meaning to everyday items and succeeded in conveying our ideas to the public in just a few minutes which won us the second place.

A couple of months ago me and a classmate of mine were chosen to represent our school to prospective students during the annual school fair in our city where I could train my communications skills again.

I love creating different pieces of art-posters, cards, drawings in my free time. The drawing course I have attended helped me develop my spatial thinking and taught me to pay great attention to detail. Another passion of mine is travelling - I am always curious and eager to become more and more familiar with diverse cultures.

I'd be glad to graduate a marketing communications course not only because it would lead to lots of job opportunities but also and mostly because it would give me the chance to work something I really enjoy. Having carried out a thorough research on the topic, I am convinced that I have made the right choice.

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This personal statement was written by m_dimitrowa for application in 2009.

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This is really good. I'm also

This is really good. I'm also applying for marketing and this made my statement look really weak, but I know now several points I will change and add.

It's short and good, it would be easier to read with paragraphs though.

Where were you accepted? It

Where were you accepted? It would be of great help.


this sounds so similar to what i would write, that it's creepy. I'm so unoriginal.


I value the article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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