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Recognizing relationships and making connections, this is an ability I acquired at an early age. Poor communication where ideas are not completely understood or expressed, have irritated me for as long as I can recall. As such I have enjoyed assisting people in gaining an understanding of complex concepts by creating metaphors and similarities that are easier to comprehend in a new way.

This perspective on simplifying ideas and explaining them to others eventually inspired an enthusiasm for learning how to effectively communicate.

Being home educated throughout the duration of high school, I found that much of my education came from being self motivated and self taught. Having come from a family that was focused on education and my social skills - my Father with a Bachelor's in education, and my mother teaching my brother and me at home - I felt strongly about reading and gaining knowledge in various areas of interest.

However, I excelled most expediently in any coursework that had a creative or expressive quality to it. These were the mediums that felt the most natural. Although I was initially a slow writer, my proficiency began to evolve during my time in community college, when I took a composition class with a professor that strongly encouraged me to express myself through my creative writing.

In order to further pursue my creative interests throughout my dual enrollment in community college I chose electives such as Photography and Web Design, but was often irritated with the disjointed student population as well as the adjunct faculty and staff.

Upon simultaneously graduating from high school and community college, I was overwhelmed with the idea of continuing my education and chose to work for a year to figure out where I was meant to be. During this time I found a full-time job at a small automatic faucet manufacturing company.

It was there that I was introduced to Google AdWords and learned how to successfully market and link Boolean with our company's products. This position also was reignited my passion for art and design, as I worked alongside the graphic designer for the products and web design, which slowly led me towards the pursuit of Interior Design.

I rediscovered how much I enjoy learning how to research design issues and solve complex problems when I reached Florida State. Beyond developing my eye for good design, the skill of deconstructing a situation, brainstorming solutions and then using critical thinking to apply the answer has been one of my greatest assets.

The classes in my major were time consuming, and this forced me to become an expert on time management. There was hardly a semester that I did not have multiple major projects due simultaneously. It was the first time that I felt truly organized with my time and scheduling.

I was introduced and taught creative software like Photoshop, AutoCAD, VIZ, Power point, Revit and 3dmax. The demanding course work and learning curve for new software has taught me how to gracefully say no, whilst remaining socially active.

I promptly joined the Student chapter of IIDA (International Interior Design Association) and within a year was elected to the position of President. During my time as an officer I also established the IDSO (Interior Design Student Organization) at FSU and is now a recognized student organization on the campus of Florida State and has been maintained for 2 years.

This, in addition to my studio presentations has furthered my public speaking skills and formal presentation capabilities. Furthermore this position as a leader has developed my networking skills, and ability to recognize strengths in other team members and delegate responsibilities in order to create success. These experiences encouraged me to seek a minor that would enhance and supplement my major.

Shortly after my commencement at Florida State I became a voracious student. Applying myself in all of my classes and being as inquisitive with my professors, and developing associations with many of them. My quest for betterment led me to investigate the possibility of a minor in communications, and as a result, I've become interested with the process of developing marketing campaigns and the concept of branding:

Because of my experiences, I have realized how critical it is for design to communicate effectively, and how equally important it is for consumers to be receptive of the message a design sends.

A failure to successfully communicate on either end can lead to confusion on the consumer's part due to a misguided message, and/or company's who neglect to balance a message with the principles and elements of design, mistaking the use of ingenuity with solid design.

My professional objective, as a result of my experiences with this type of disjointed vision, is to assist in the facilitation of cohesive communications so that no one gets lost in a company's intent and a message is received creatively with its intent.

The minor in communications is where I began to realize my potential in the area of Integrated Marketing Communications. I began to read and subscribe to the publication Communications World and learn more about this area of study.

I also spoke with a friend who graduated from the program 2 years prior and he expressed how valuable my perspective could be in an ad agency by deconstructing and reexamining how a company markets themselves.

I could evaluate whether advertising, marketing, public relations, and planning are effectively reaching a target audience and then introduce creative alternatives for a campaign. Also through research I might assist in branding the company and advancing their communications to create a better brand perception.

With these experiences, I can create better corporate communications and attract the right consumer, ideally becoming more responsive to weaknesses within the structure of an ad campaign.

With the fusion of technology and traditional consumption, the possibilities are endless. My personal vision is to assist companies in taking a step non-traditional advertising with their brand. Primarily by conceptualizing their image and translating it into the design of their websites, retail/corporate offices/and marketing tools.

I feel good design can reinforce corporate communications through consequential relationships. How you experience a company when you are directly associated with their business can affect the consumer equally if not more than receiving the message in the form of a traditional advertisement.

Integrating good design in a marketing campaign cannot be ignored and in order to fully reach the consumer, the experience of a brand needs to be addressed. This can be fulfilled by considering design of retail space, web space, and how brand awareness is developed.

Ultimately I feel the union of technology and design will help create ad campaigns that offer both inspiration and interaction for consumers and better targeted marketing communications. The Integrated Marketing Communications program at the forefront can help me create this reality.

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This personal statement was written by greasy for application in 2009.

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