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I have always been an ardent reader. From Great Expectations and To Kill A Mockingbird to Stephen King's entire collection. I find a great comfort in reading and consuming information but it wasn't until I found the book ‘The Fashion Strategy’ that I became completely engaged and absorbed by the progression of Fashion through innovative strategies and creative presentation.

After this I read a range of books about marketing and the fashion industry. I was excited and so intrigued that I read online articles and listened to online lectures about social media marketing and fashion related technology. Studying A levels in English, Media and Drama helped me to develop my creativity immensely and I gained a lot of knowledge through A Levels that will help on this course.

In media I created a Print Ad Campaign for a Fashion Magazine. I really enjoyed this project because it gave me a lot of freedom to explore who I am as a creative, familiarise myself with software such as Photoshop and Procreate, understand target markets and recognise the links between Fashion, Media, Marketing and Promotion. Studying Drama not only built my confidence but also my imagination. I studied a practitioner named 'Berkoff' that used over exaggerated movement and defied the norms of theatre.

This inspired me as the costume designer for my final piece to look at pushing boundaries with fashion. I take inspiration from places I’ve travelled and used Balinese culture with the design as the practitioners style is alike to Balinese dancing. I enjoyed creating disproportionate and distorted clothing that defied fashion norms and is cohesive with the practitioners style. This experience shaped my love for alternative and avant grade fashion.

At present I am studying Accounting and Finance at Foundation Level. Although this subject is not directly valuable for studying Fashion Marketing, I believe I have gained enough knowledge on this course of marketing, math and business to be more than capable of meeting the demands and standards set for the business and theory side of this course.

In a recent project I pitched a business plan to my tutors. After taking on the roles of finance and marketing I gained confidence in calculating the profit margin, pricing based off resources, research, rent, employees as well as consumer behaviour. Although I was surprised at how I had developed great commercial awareness through former work. Prior to moving to London I worked at 'Next'. I adored working with fashion and helping customers to come out of their comfort zone and try something new.

I mostly enjoyed visual merchandising, when there was not a set display I would find myself changing displays and watching customers to see which one they find most appealing. Before this I worked in hospitality as a host. Working in both of these environments taught me how to thrive under pressure as well as develop punctuality and independence skills. I am confident that these skills will be massively beneficial to me in the fashion business industry.

I regularly jog and attend a yoga class which helps me to maintain a good level of fitness as well as keep me mentally well. Competing in athletics has given me more compassion and enthusiasm for everything I do and I am always striving to achieve the best results possible. I have an Instagram account that consists of personal photographs, illustrations, London fashion and the use of different visuals.

I am thrilled by the vast amount of opportunities through social media; being able to blog, create mood boards and show off work at the cost of nothing but your time is really important to me. I am a highly motivated, confident and innovative individual who is committed to reaching my full potential. With excellent organisation skills and a creative mind, I am regularly used to exceeding performance expectations. I desire to become a successful Fashion Marketing graduate at your university.

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I feel as if I showed a strong balance of being both academic and innovative . I don’t love the statement but I don’t hate it ? Any opinions?


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