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At the end of year 11 I had seen my future career path heading towards Business management, as I have the skills needed to motivate teams, solve problems and communicate with others to get jobs set to me complete.

All skills which can also be transferred to construction management. However construction management offers me the challenge of having to find solutions to problems on a daily basis and the promise that no two jobs will ever be alike but most importantly it will mean that I get a lot of time to spend outdoors in the fresh air and cool summer days.

At the end of year 11 my interest in construction management was aroused when I decided to go and work for my dad, to earn some money to spend when I went back to college.

During the next ten weeks I was working on various Building sites from small single room extensions on a house, to a giant sixteen room extension on a nursing home. I had spent at least seven years before this following my dad around sites during my summer holidays but this was the first time I was allowed to get some hands on experience laboring. I was very excited and willing to get on with the tasks I had seen performed hundreds of times before.

I spent time working with all the key tradesmen who work on building sites, such as Electricians, Carpenters, Plasterers, Plumbers and Brick layers. From working with all the various tradesmen I began to get a better understanding of each of their jobs and the importance of them starting, and finishing on time in order to keep the projects finishing date in sight.

A large part of my time was spent learning about the health and safety checks everyone has to pass to be allowed onto the site, everybody who wishes to set foot on a building site needs to wear steel toe caps and safety hats for example.

Many employers ask employees who wish to work for them to have a "CSCS" card which shows employers this person is competent and knows about health and safety rules on a site. In the last two weeks of working I started to develop an interest in Melton the foreman's job.

Melton's job was not only to do most of the plastering; he was also the site manager. Melton would hold a mini site meeting every morning and make sure that everybody new what they were expected to do that day and organize the workers into groups and make sure supplies were ordered so that they were delivered just in time for use so that they weren't lying around reducing the chance of theft.

When I envisage my life 10 years from now I see my self being very successful in my career as a construction manager, I see myself having worked in various countries solving numerous problems using the skills learnt at University to help enable me to do so and in a further ten years I see myself teaching students in a university sharing my past experience with the young, the future of the Construction Industry.

As a person I am very confident and see myself as a leader rather than a follower in almost all aspect of my life, I am not afraid to challenge an answer with my own opinion or ask a question if I don't understand what is being said. During my time in college I fell that I have matured and became a more confident individual.

My major academic achievements have been scoring a few B grades in individual units across my subjects. Sport is a big part of me and my life, I believe that there is no excuse to not be fit and have kept active all my life.

My sporting achievements include coming seventh in an all school cross country race for Birmingham when I was twelve and being captain of my local football team. I regularly attend my local gym at least three times a week and I play five aside football every Wednesday evening.

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This personal statement was written by kofib for application in 2008.

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This is pretty much the first draft of it handed it in to college and got told i need to add more about college achievements from the courses i doing, just a few marks short of BBD the grades needed for my course so dont really want to put that in as im resiting the moduals in jan. i would just like a little opinions on what should be taken out. thanks please be brutaly hounest


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to be honest i think you talk

to be honest i think you talk a bit too much about what you have learn't rather than what you have gained by learning these things. More about yourself...

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