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Marrakesh. Corfu. Barcelona. Rome. Architecture differs from place to place. Traveling around the world is what originally made me appreciate the combined simplicity and complexity of buildings. However it wasn't until recently that I started to research more and realised I wanted to be the one behind the next generation of great architecture.

Growing up a few train stops away from a variety of buildings such as The Shard, The Lloyds Building and St Paul's Cathedral, was such an inspiration. Like these buildings, my decision to apply for architecture came from many iterations of steps. I began by taking photos and creating drawings of architecture that I was surrounded by, then reading books like 'Architecture Matters' by Aaron Betsky. From this I learnt about bricolage, not just sculpturally but also in the vernacular sense of the word, giving me an insight into an architect's perspective.

Subsequently I took an online course based on Modern Building Design where I learnt about the different environmental effects of poorly executed architecture and how high demand for materials causes stress on climate change. More recently I attended lectures which discussed the importance of collaboration and design, after which I attended an exhibition of undergraduate architecture work that explored the different stages of an architecture degree. Personal Investigations, sketchbooks and 3D models all captivated my attention as I learnt about the various techniques students had used to create environmentally friendly designs.

Looking forward I have been offered a placement at 'Orms Designers & Architects Ltd', an Architectural Firm in Central London where I will be given a project to develop and present, working alongside architects and visiting sites that the company is currently working on. This will prepare me to study architecture at University, whilst also making me increasingly determined to learn more. Studying Maths and Further Maths taught me how to enjoy the process of trying to solve difficult problems, which is key to figuring out creative and intuitive solutions to issues that arise in the design industry.

Graphics allowed me to develop both my traditional and digital methods through researching, planning and experimenting before producing my final piece, whilst also refining my spacial awareness. Biology ties this all together since small imperfections within the tertiary structures of enzymes can cause massive effects on its function, similarly architecture has the same concept, by changing one detail about the structure it can cause the whole building to be unstable. Studying these 4 subjects has improved my ability to cope in high-pressure situations as I always need to be prepared to submit my work before the deadline.

When it comes to architecture, I am extremely passionate about being enviornmentally friendly, and as a result fell in love with Bloomberg HQ. Not only does it look astonishing but it also achieved the highest BREEAM score for office buildings. Following further research, I realised that Fosters and Co, the architectural company that designed the HQ had also been in charge of designing of my Secondary School and current Sixth Form. I had always admired the appearance of my school, the way that the raw cement and glass worked so well together, both structurally and aesthetically, as well as the layout which extremely open planned, and intuitively designed for the purpose of a school.

Disciplined and always striving for perfection, I am constantly attempting different approaches and trying to view things from different perspectives. My ambition to help others helps me connect to any task, and in general I am a great asset to any team related projects. In the future I hope I will be able to take my studies further to become a fully qualified architect, so I may begin my journey of helping others and creating a more environmentally friendly future.

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