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My love for shapes, the desires to scribble, draw, paint and even demolish so I could build/bring to form on the outside what I see in my imagination sphere has always been my motivation on my journey to being an Architect.

I grew up in an environment in Nigeria, Africa where I will say “tradition” and “societal values” but most importantly “family structure” guides and shapes the young minds. So, I could say the formative years of my childhood was shaped by these structures BUT not my intuitive minds towards Architecture.

I stumbled on the word Architecture in my early teens and came to understand a bit what it was when I watched a documentary on the Pyramid of Egypt.

The word “Golden Section” glued to my mind, and it still is and the crave to understanding this word began my journey to Architecture. I didn’t know what it meant and how influential it was/is to man.

In my early undergraduate History & Tradition of Architecture classes, I studied the “Failing Waters” by FLW, and I could feel the buzz in me because of an understanding of the “eureka” word Golden Section and how The Architect FLW was able to infuse the theory of the golden section to Nature itself.

Over the years I have studied designs, Art, Paintings and Natural occurrences and it is my belief that Nature is the 1st Architect and the formular at which it designs is the Golden Section rule.

My journey to this point is rather unique in that the track has not been smooth and straight forward but the determination and desire has always grown stronger and thus the more I might get distracted, the more I get drawn into the belief to come this path.

My undergraduate schooling wasn’t the best at it and so I decided to continue to a higher degree at a different school in a more conducive environment in Lagos, Nigeria.

I came out with a sober feeling and my environment made it even worse.

The politics, societal ethics and structural policy values are all functional blocks to effective practice of Architecture in Nigeria, and it will take a mammoth task to overcome these. (So I though)

I have browsed a couple of Universities in the United States and have the humble pleasure to wish to advance my knowledge and understanding of Architecture in your school.

It is my belief that all what life has taken me through is to the point of understand that Architecture is not for Man but Man for Architecture.

The uniqueness of Architecture can only be attained & evaluated when its use does not only change the natural environment but also does not the ethical values and societal belief of man dwelling in it.

The uniqueness and complexity in places like I grew up can only be effectively mastered with a mind of an Architect who can in-fuse structural functional design solutions to improve the environment WITHOUT changing the natural opulence AND the existing traditional societal values.

It is my utmost belief that in few years I plan to study in the school, a knowledgeable symbiotic relation will have been formed which will make me the Architect I dream to become.

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