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Architect. A unique vocation that demands more than just 7 years of hard work and dedication, but also a true desire to become part of a respected and esteemed community of professionals. The thought of studying architecture has been an ambition of mine since before I could even spell the word. So from an early age, this passion began to shape the way in which I think and observe; “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” – Winston Churchill. The endless possibilities of creativity, the ability to transform and see an idea evolve into reality, and the satisfaction of completing a project that will remain and be remembered, are the enticing factors that make it difficult for me to imagine applying for anything other than architecture.

I believe that the A Levels that I have chosen give me a distinct advantage for entering this course as they display creativity, practicality, problem solving and precision-all important components of architecture. Through Technology, I have learnt how to become disciplined with deadlines, bring the seed of an idea to life, watch it develop and learn from my mistakes. My success in GCSE with English Language gives me great confidence that I will have the strong communication skills that are required when discussing my ideas and propositions with Clients, Engineers and Planning Consultants. My Art GCSE involved an Architectural and Musical theme, which has given me experience in designing buildings with specific requirements and this alone has helped me deal with design limitations, as well as my creativity, originality and imagination within a specification.

During the summer, I organised 2 weeks of work experience in London with an architecture company based in Shoreditch. Throughout the 2 weeks I was given jobs in the office that involved using “AutoCAD”, “GoogleSketchup”, “Photoshop” and some rough sketching. I enjoyed the challenges that I faced and although I was thrown into the deep end with certain tasks, I wasn’t afraid to ask questions and always got the work done to satisfactory quality. I got the chance to visit some projects during the 2 weeks as well, and witnessed how important communicating an idea is between the architect and other on-site workers. Completing the projects that were set before me during my time in London demonstrated for me the patience, precision and creativity that are required to become successful in this field of work. It also gave me huge satisfaction, confirming my love for the job.

This summer I also travelled to George, South Africa on a Mission trip with Exodus. I was out helping the community, building small homes and getting stuck into some hard labour, making cement from water, stones and cheap cement mix. Back at home, I’ve had some work experience through my Dad’s business with tilers, plumbers and joiners, as well as being on site in London. This has furthered my understanding of what goes on after the design process and makes me appreciate the hard work that goes into physically building a project. It has also given me a good balance of understanding that function is just as important as form, which I personally believe is a very important trait for all architects.

In conclusion, I am certain that whatever I do with my life, it will involve designing and creating. I am excited to pursue what has been for me a life long ambition. Since a young age, the choices I have made and the experience I have gained, reflect my single-minded determination and motivation to become recognised as a professional architect.

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Architect. A unique vocation that demands more than just 7 years of hard work and dedication...


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