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Architecture has always stood out as the perfect career path for me. It was at the age of 9 that I truly understood what architecture was as I stood before the Sagrada Familia on a family holiday. I was taken aback with the intricate detail of the impressive masterpiece by Gaudi. Travelling to many different countries has allowed me to experience a variety of different cultures, along with some of the most historic and outstanding pieces of architecture, from Italian renaissance styles like the Duomo to the more modernistic Sydney Opera House.

I was fortunate to find a college with courses I knew I would be passionate about. Studying architecture at A-level has given me an insight into what to expect at degree level. The course has widened my knowledge of existing architects and buildings, whilst giving me some understanding of how to draw plans and isometric diagrams. The fact that I have enjoyed it reaffirms that it is a path that I would like to continue along, and I would love the opportunity to carry this passion into the future. I believe it will be a rewarding profession and something I would gain great satisfaction from.

Graphic Design works well alongside architecture. It allows me to explore and express my creativity, especially as it has introduced me to CAD. Working with programmes such as Photoshop and InDesign, has allowed me to expand my flare for design which I put to use socially designing clothes, collages and artwork for friends and family. I have practised my computer skills by voluntarily designing posters and album covers for an upcoming band, and invitations to formal occasions.

With a career in architecture in mind I chose to do work experience at a design studio. This experience allowed me to work alongside some phenomenal artists, and I had the opportunity to lead some of the workshops and parties. I genuinely enjoyed working in the creative field and knew it was an area of work I would like to pursue. I manage two part time jobs; I work in corporate hospitality at Twickenham Rugby Stadium, where I have worked at many high profile events. I also have an NPLQ which allows me to work as a qualified lifeguard at a local pool.

At school I was an all rounder and this was reflected in my grades. As deputy head prefect, it proved I was capable of handling responsibility and I was trusted with important tasks. This improved my organisational and time handling skills. The PE department relied on me to produce good results in many sporting events, which included hockey borough champions for five years and football captain. I continue to be active.
In 2005, I completed my Duke of Edinborough award, I found it an excellent opportunity to work as a team and push myself as an individual. For my community service I coached 11-15 year olds in hockey. It was fulfilling to see their improvement and enjoyable helping others to succeed.

One of my favourite past times is visiting art galleries. I hold an annual family membership to the Tate, where I find work from some of my favourite artists and inspiration for my courses. In the coming year I will also get the opportunity to travel to Paris and Venice with my architecture class I look forward to analysing and studying work from a new environment. I believe that studying architecture at university will open many doors for me later in life. I want to make a positive impact on the environment and dream that one day I will be the hand behind a design that people will stop and admire.

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This personal statement was written by npagey for application in 2007.


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Love it

I love the character in it. ur personality really shone. I think u have the best ending to a personal statement any1 can have. Great, well done.

thank you

I loved it that you used in simple words and you decriped what you want wll done! It gave me the insperation that you dont have to use big & long words to impress thanks for it. Hope that you got in the uni you wanted best of luck

Where did u get into with

Where did u get into with this statement??

no too bad mate

same you can't spell Edinburgh

no too bad mate

and i can't spell shame so i think we are even

Rewrite it :P

Rewrite it :P

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