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A pencil, ruler and rubber or perhaps a sharpener from time to time; those were the essential tools which followed me around as a child whilst I imagined, designed and drew my perfect, dream house (which was obviously and most tastefully pink throughout!!). So it was inevitable that I would pursue a career in design. However, it was only until recent experiences that I narrowed that choice down to becoming an architect.

Being a fully committed art student I've neither lacked creativity, nor the knowledge or history of previous architectural art forms and buildings, as architecture itself, is based around innovative ideas, aesthetics and ingenuity, it naturally became a subject of interest to me. For instance, whilst in midst of my A2 personal study for Art and Design I decided to compare two artists from different movements those being the Art Deco movement, heavily influenced by Bauhaus buildings and architecture along with the Art Nouveau movement, which commenced with the ornamental floral patterns of William Morris.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit Glasgow and hence appreciate Rene Mackintosh’s Art Nouveau souvenirs, gaining inspiration from the influential Glasgow School of Art, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum as well as Princes Square. It was like a dream.

Along with the aesthetical side to architecture, I have also understood the more logical side. This was due to a small work experience placement with Simon Janes, a local self employed architect who had acquired a lot of attention and business over the last few years. Despite the fact that his entry route into the world of architecture was slightly askew in comparison with what I had in mind, he was still successful. I built up an array of knowledge and experience, having heard and witnessed the many challenges of the profession.

For example demanding clients (hopefully those polished people and communication skills I have obtained from working at the post office will support me here), late hours, building codes and law, the logic of engineering and mathematics and even the management of the business at times; were all skills that I picked up whilst working along side Mr Janes.

It was a great experience to witness the progression of so many buildings, including; beautiful houses, apartments and office blocks. Having played a part in the creation of something so beneficial, yet so striking would surely be the best feeling in the world? The feeling that you contributed to someone’s dreams.

Having a father in the field of property development has played a vital role in my career decision. Through his experiences and knowledge of properties, I realised that pragmatics comes hand in hand with aesthetics in architecture.

On a day to day basis i assist him in not only imagining and designing, but managing and estimating all costs, time schedules, construction control, obtaining planning permission, leasing whilst working with architects as well as urban planners, estate agents, builders, surveyors and engineers, so that perfect properties are created for his tenants.

He led me to the conclusion that dreams are the foundations for success, but one can only build success with creativity and logic, especially when art can be so subjective! So, what better way to share my passion for architecture than to help create those dreams for others? After all, “An architect is the drawer of dreams" - Grace McGarvie

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This personal statement was written by dhillon92 for application in 2010.

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It was a success... I love writing anyway so I found it quite easy to write this... but they loved it said it was well organised/creative/persuasive/clear and they liked my theme of dreams....


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omg your too talented how did

omg your too talented how did u come up with that... ? its amazing! it should be framed!


yeah thats quite good really.. well done wat uni did u get i nto

How do you spell

the name of Mackintosh? A bit more to see than souvenirs - School of Art, House for an Art Lover, The Tearooms etc etc.

Brilliant, im currently

Brilliant, im currently writing my personal statement and this has inspired me, i definitely need more experience but i am also an art student with a dream !

this is good stuff!

this is good stuff!
which uni's did you apply, and where did u gt offers from?

words fail me...

words fail me...


Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.

I genuinely can't believe

I genuinely can't believe this is real. It's on par with pink unicorns and sugar.

MR Khan

This is SICKKage personal statement man... but you need to work on the start bcus it sounds similar to mine you COPYCAT CUSHTARD!!!

Scottish people often have

Scottish people often have double surnames - the mother's name before the father's I think you are referring to Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Scottish people often have

Scottish people often have double surnames - the mother's name before the father's I think you are referring to Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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