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It was during a family holiday in continental Europe, when we passed through Barcelona that I was enlightened to the true meaning and power of Architecture. Antonio Gaudi is Barcelona's most famous and beloved architect, he gave the people iconic architectural monuments which are idealized and internationally renowned to this day.

Since the day I first stepped foot in that city and saw those breathtaking buildings there has been no shadow of doubt in my mind that I wished to pursue a career as an Architect. 7 years later all that has changed is that my determination to achieve this goal has grown and to this end I have done all that I could to further my knowledge of this field and fulfill the academic requirements for entry.

I have served in the Air Training Corps for 3 years and during that time I have participated in numerous activities and feel that I am a key member of the group and have completed my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition which was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience. I have attended The Dowding Day Memorial Service in Moffat three times -this year assisted a veteran in laying a wreath on behalf of the WAAF, and last year I was part of the Guard of Honour.

In 2007/2008 I assisted the Dumfries Branch of the Poppy Appeal selling 100's of poppies for this worthwhile cause and made such a good impression that I was chosen to lay a wreath on behalf of the family of a pilot lost at sea in WWII which was a great honour. To top that honour, I was chosen to lay the wreath on behalf of the Air Training Corps on Remembrance Sunday making it the proudest day of my life to date.

I have gone to 3 wing/regional camps and am in the process of completing my BTEC. I have represented my Squadron in wing and regional shooting competitions gaining silver and bronze awards. I believe my time in the A.T.C. has harnessed my leadership, initiative and confidence and made me proud to add to a community all of which I would deem vital skills for a successful Architect.

Due to my experience in Graphic Design I have been fortunate enough to be granted a role as a Study Buddy assisting two junior classes with the basics of 3D drawings and spatial awareness as well as a more advanced 3rd year Standard Grade class. I am finding the experience extremely rewarding as I see the class progress and it has afforded me the opportunity to improve my communication skills as well allowing me to give something back to the school community.

I am also involved in the 'peer support club' which allows me to help S1 pupils who are experiencing difficulties with the transition from primary school. I am also proud to have been chosen as a prefect on merit of hard work and devotion to the school and carry out my duties with great efficiency and enthusiasm.

I was a member of the school eco group for 2 years and as part of a team was instrumental in the school achieving its bronze and silver awards. I was also a member of the Pupil council and enjoyed voicing my thoughts and those of my peers along with assisting in the planning of the schools 100th anniversary next year.

I am currently working part time in Halfords as a sales assistant and feel that I have successfully juggled the pressures of work and school and that I have learned many new skills as a result. In S3 I participated in a work experience placement in Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership's architectural department when I had the opportunity to assist in numerous activities including CAD work, site visits and dealing with clients.

These experiences made me appreciate how each part of a team must work together towards a common goal. It is my wish to become a RIBA chartered architect and found a successful career through hard-work and determination and perhaps one day I may find myself in a position where I would be able to design an iconic architectural treasure and relish the challenges and opportunities that university will bring.

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Uncondidional From The University of Edinburgh/ Edinburgh College of Art (joint course) with only 4B's at higher.
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