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Since I was young I maintained a keen interest in different types of art, as photography, making the postcards, flower arrangement, but mostly I liked dancing, drawing and painting what I've started to learn when I was 5 years old with my parents who are the choreographers with some drawing and painting skills.

At the age of 11 I've been spotted by my teacher as creative student with the best capability to harmonise the colours in the class. And therefore he asked for my parents to transfer me to high school of art.
These two and a half year in art school challenged my creative potential in painting and sculpture lessons, but drawing and modeling I have enjoyed the most, because even now I still love to see how I can start from drawing point by point, and after line by line with solving some math problems and making everything narrowly, till the end, when I get the results which is your imagination made into reality on the paper, and it gives me the satisfaction.

Unfortunately I didn't have a possibility to finish that school, because of my parent divorce, I moved to other school in the other city with my mother. Despite all these problems I've never stopped drawing and painting. My spare time after school has been filled with a lot of art classes, from painting with computer to mixed media. Now I have improved my IT skills and I can work with such the programs, as PHOTOSHOP, MS OFFICE and learning with CAD.

Also I have had an opportunity to be a member of senate. This let me to develop my patience in pursuance of the best results in organizing some events and shows in my school, and even in the other city schools. I always try to be enthusiastic and find I get on well with other people, enjoy meeting new personalities and experiencing new surroundings. I have assisted in a lot of projects and public competitions as well. I'm pleased to take a dare for myself and show what I can for the others. But the best part is to see the reaction when my work is being seen by people. I love to hear compliments and criticism, because it makes to improve myself more and more.

When I was 15 I started to think about what I want from my life and I knew that I really want to do something special that people would know about me and wonder at my striking creations. These are the causes why I have the ambition to go to university and do a degree in planning the buildings, creating some modern houses and interiors, because it will enable me to combine the strongest aspects of my personality. Nowadays many buildings are so lofty, extremely the architecture of London. Consequently I'm here. The centre of this city is the big museum, where I could spend all my time and watch all those small, but labour-consuming details in creative constructions.

I'm just dreaming about the studies, because I truly want to know more about functional house, particularly arrangements of light and space, and the physical world. I'm convinced that I'm ready to go to this world with all my creativeness. It's a bit hard to explain by letter why I truly want to study exactly an architecture course. It's just ambition inside. I see a lot of perspectives in architecture with creation, which is just powerful skill. I'm inflamed with desire to create something, but I'm missing some knowledge to realise that in the future. I love to do something new, I have a lot of ideas and I really want to show it for the world. I feel prepared to face with math, art history, I'm ready to learn all these for a long years and gain a professional architect name, I'm ready to take that responsibility, but I'm just waiting for agreement.

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This personal statement was written by riutelee for application in 2000.

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I'm really scared, but I hope that it's gonna be ok. I have finished a secondary school and english is not the frst language.
Please coud everybody tell me what thhey think about my statement...?
Thank you


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hi, i think that this is an

hi, i think that this is an extremely personal and individual statement. you achieved a lot more than a lot of applicants whose statements aren't really personal at all, but simply lists of attribute without any personality.

yes, there are some grammatical errors but the actual content is great.

where did you get into? you'd be fully qualified now i guess.

I love the way u focused on

I love the way u focused on your creativity and enthusiasm. It represents you feauters of your personality and a colourful character.
University's will point this out and your chances of getting there look pretty good.
It is really inspiring and it'll definately help me get on with mine.

Wish you good luck!

Well gd init

Its well gd init, al those oda peeps wna shat it cus its architecture not archeology init!! LMAO


Very good...You ve been accepted...This is sure


Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Really thank you! Cool.

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