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Instead of architecture, graphic design was my primary major when I first attend college. From graphic design to architecture, this shift happened so suddenly and dramatic. In high school, I was doing graphic design so well, well enough to earn an academic award in my senior year. With no doubt, I would continuously doing it in college or even make it as my life career. This idea settled on my mind so strongly. Until one day, I saw a wooden house model. I was so attracting by that little, roughly made house. Its simple exterior design and the warm wooden texture suddenly catch my eyes. It reminded me the feeling of “home”, witch I hadn't felt since I immigrated to U.S. I was so amaze by that wooden house and kept staring it for at least half hour. Then, on the following summer, I took my first architecture class in community college.

No surprisingly, All of my friends and parents thought I was crazy, because I made a lifetime decision base on that half hour staring. But what they didn't know is, during that half hour, I was deeply connected with that “house”. I was so amaze to realise that, even a non built house can be that powerful; and finally noticed the environment that we surrounding in, were actually in some ways affecting our feelings, emotions or even our lives. After that, I was so surprise to know how powerful or important an architect could be and eager to know more about it. Without a moments thought, curiosity make me change my primary major and lead me step on a new studying field - architecture.

Put down my graphic design's back ground, I walked into my first architecture class just like a dry, flat sponge. A dried flat sponge, but have plenty of potential to expand and observe. In some ways, it was just like me, with no architecture knowledge, but full of curiosity and eager. On each learning stages, I was putting down hundred percents of effort. I am working so hard from the basic hand drawing technique, to fundamental knowledge, and finally doing our own designs on vellum and CAD. I can swear, I have never tried to skip a tiny, little step. As a student in architecture I understand how a good foundation important to a building. Therefore, I am also trying my hardest to set a strong “foundation” to my career path.

To ensure my “foundation” would be strong enough, besides doing the best job on my classes, I also active and participate on different school associations. Such as being a secretary of the Chinese Association Club and member of the Architecture Club. Getting involve into all of these association and doing relative activities, actually helped me develop nice leading and social skills. And as a member of the Architecture Club, I also unintentionally get more chance to explore information about my career choices, such as degree types and schools”etc.

In this summer, I was lucky to find a summer job as an Auto CAD drafter. Even though the company was so small, the boss was so nice and willing to teach. I was so lucky that can have a chance to practice my Auto CAD commands by one hand, and learning the building codes on the other. I see this working opportunity as a pleasure, because this is the first time I actually getting touch with the realistic atmosphere. And also because of this opportunity, I realise that beside school classes, working experiences is also part of the learning.

After three years community college, university of California is being a new place for me to learn, to explore, to building my strong “foundation”. Three years ago, curiosity and eager made me brave enough to change my major; and now with the same curiosity and eager, I am really to step on my next stage and explore the new place.

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