Architectural Technology Personal Statement Example 2

"Work on yourselves to make yourselves be in quality what you would have your buildings be."
Frank Lloyd Wright

When Frank Lloyd Wright stated this it was to about two-hundred aspiring students at AIA's 84th Convention. The citation is effective to understanding the kind of commitment I must realise and take to progress in my studies and successfully achieve my goal; to work to improve and demonstrate myself in learning ability, technical knowledge, drawing capability, and quality-and thus, the quality of the structure can be dependent on the quality of my work and research.

I take this statement to heart, as my strong passion for studying to become an Architectural Technologist is motivated by my enthusiasm and dedication.

Whilst studying for my HND Architectural Technology I was captivated by the amount of devoted and independent technical drafting and research involved. This has built up my perception of the architectural and technological business and has equipped me with essential qualities and skills I believe an Architectural Technologist student requires.

Among many modules, some included; AutoCAD 2D & 3D classes in which I excelled, Construction technology, Building Services, Architectural Procedures discipline which I found absorbing, and revising Standard Forms of Contracts.

Doing these then prepared me to approach the Graded Units, utilising all previous knowledge and experience, developing a thoughtful design with suitable construction details for the chosen location. With managing my time and completing the deadlines my efforts rewarded me with top quality learning experiences and qualifications.

Subsequently I took an Architectural Studies University course for one year studying in a design studio, helping to enhance my creativity and produce technical details in greater depth; other modules included Technology Studies, Cultural & Sustainable studies.

I was involved with clients during these projects to discuss their wishes and proposals; I also had to research on my own design and construct physical and 3D models.

The final product was then presented to the lecturers. During both courses I worked proficiently with AutoCAD whilst experimenting with Revit, Sketch-up and Photoshop software to expand on my expertise in drafting and model-rendering.

I am an enthusiastic, methodical person. My approach to work is met with being organised and prioritising in order to meet deadlines. My long-term goal is to pursue a career in Architectural Technology. In reinforcing my commitment I became an Associate member of CIAT, and wish to progress into chartered status.

I was also for three years the Academic class representative during my courses, which strengthened my confidence in communicating and arranging ideas in meetings.

I feel that participating has encouraged me overall in my ability to engage in additional responsibilities.

I also helped form Architecture 101, a group intended to aim primarily at new students seeking assistance from others who are further in their studies. I currently volunteer as Church security officer and local kids' club leader. I also have work experience assisting Land Surveyors.

I believe the skills I have gained are transferrable as I: trained using valuable Geomatic equipment; developed my communicative strength interacting with clients and co-workers; and worked on-site.

"Who is an expert? What is an expert? An expert is a man who stopped thinking. Why? Because he knows." - Frank Lloyd Wright

This is my ambition. To become an expert in the field of Architectural Technology: through dedicated academic and practical study, realising the commitment University studies requires and making use of the facilities on offer to drive me forward to success.

To sum me up in three words - I am committed, consistent and conscientious.

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