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I am clear that I want to pursue a course in the area of architecture or planning, because it will enable me to combine the strongest aspects of my personality; a fascination with functional art and design, particularly arrangements of light and space; enthusiasm for solving practical problems; and working with other people. It is my desire to travel around the world and experience other cultures and broaden my horizons.With this in mind, possessing a set of transferable skills and knowledge will be invaluable for the future. My ambition is to go to university and do a degree in planning and transport, or in architecture

My work experience last year helped me decide that I wanted to study an area of architecture or planning. I spent part of my time at a hospital and shadowed doctors. The second was spent with an award- winning firm of architects, planners and engineers in Bath. Whilst I enjoyed working at the hospital, I preferred the variety, challenge and social context of the architecture and planning practice. At school I have been an all- rounder and this can be reflected in my grades. So for A- levels, I have been torn between arts and sciences

I opted for a balance, because I knew how important it is to express my creativeness as well as learn more about the physical world. I have a deep interest in literature, which I would like to expand and develop. I have confidence and am a very keen worker who will not give up until I have achieved my full potential. I feel prepared to take responsibilities and am co- operative and willing to accept guidance where ever it will aid my cause. I always try to be enthusiastic and find I get on well with other people and enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new surroundings.

I also have the ability, and willingness, to listen and try to understand the view points of others. I have good IT skills, which can be clearly seen in my coursework and analytical and decision- making skills, to assess and resolve conflicting points of view, which is vital in being a Town and country planner. I recognise the importance of having a good balance between working hard and engaging in pastimes. I have a number of hobbies both in an out of school . Out of school I have been practicing Taekwondo, of which I have been doing for five years and currently a black belt

This is a hobby, which I enjoy immensely and would like to in the future teach to others.I also enjoy swimming and training at the gym. In school I have been playing the flute and I'm currently working towards grade 5. I've been going to orchestra for about two years and have played in every concert since. I hope to continue my music throughout my life and future career. I am also very committed- member of the school council, which I find thoroughly interesting and enjoyable.

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excellent!!:) hoorah

excellent!!:) hoorah

that was awesome!

that was awesome!

Your the very same as me, I'm

Your the very same as me, I'm torn at the moment and I thank u for the help :)

The guy who said "Hoorah" is

The guy who said "Hoorah" is a mongo, but it was a good statement


This guy is a royal loser

Good statement though

Yea people call this guy a

Yea people call this guy a nerd, but i hardly think professors at Uni care if you are a pro freerunner, can pull a 360 kickflip or party until you drink yourself into unconsciousness each night.
Its the "nerdy" things like playing the flute that's shows commitment and will gain you the kudos.
When applying to a university filled with professors/ doctors/ lawyers / architects. Is it not perhaps beneficial to "nerd-up" your given image?
The people who have presented the right image will be the ones laughing at you when your unemployed, chubby-finger boy. =)

its all about time management

its all about time management,
just because he plays the flute, is in school council or whatever doesn't mean that he is a nerd.
cos i know plenty of people that excel academically, party often, do sports, are musical and not losers but people who are amazing and can manage to just do everything.(social life included) work hard,play harder.

for a person who loves literature, i don't think he expresses himself very well though. little variation in sentence structure and he seems to just be listing.

Is it me or are the skills

Is it me or are the skills listed not relevant to the built environment. Its good that you do so much extra curricular activity, but its not pushed towards strengthening your want for studying those subjects? Rewrite. Focus on what attributes and architect needs, and divert it more to that.

where is the conlusion?

It started good, but you need a conclusion or something... the ending was not that great..
but you have helped..
thanks! ;)


This guy seems to write the 'I' quite a lot. Beginning many sentences with 'I' is very easy to do, especially when writing about yourself. Although if he likes literature that much, he should be more creative at starting varied sentences with a range of alternative starting points.

Really rather general. No

Really rather general. No real detail showing an understanding of architecture or that they have read round. The balance of this statement is a bit too much on the personal and too little on the architecture. It's 'creativity', please not creativeness,

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