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It is difficult to ignore the accelerating growth of urbanization, caused by profound changes in the world economics. This is, particularly, evident in the arena of rapidly developing countries like China, where the expansion of urban space is currently facing a shortage of professional designers, predominantly, due to the lack of Chinese universities specialising in this field. Being an enthusiastic and determined person, I am prepared to take an advantage of the created opportunities, especially, for the reason that Urban Design has become a major subject not only of my studies but also interest.

Since childhood I was engaged in many creative activities. From kindergarten to junior high school I was attending painting and drawing courses, which endowed me with a more acute sense of color, sculpt and space, which is vital for an excellent designer. At the same time, I enjoyed making handcrafted models of plains, steamboats, cars and etc., which trained my hands adeptly. I am glad to have developed this essential skill which has been, particularly, valuable during design projects, where appearance of the model plays an important role in its presentation.

Along with love for nature, my interests and skills laid the grounds of my 3-year study in Landscape Architecture, which, due to educational system of my country did not result in a Bachelor Degree. Being a perfectionist, I could enjoyably spend several hours and even days working on a model or painting. As a result, my hard work and sincere devotion to the subjects earned me a rewarding place among the top students of University. My course belongs to the Department of Urban Construction - College of Engineering, thus, I additionally gained some basic knowledge in this fields.

During my internship at Landscape Architecture Design Institute I participated in two main projects “Focus plan” of Ningbo Harbor Park and “Master Plan” of Community where I was serving as the Design Assistant. From the designers I learnt not only how to modify and draw all kinds of blueprints accurately, but also about current problems in design.

To obtain a Bachelor qualification I chose to study for another 2 years abroad, in Korea. In preparation, I studied Korean language for over 1 year, which, along with previously acquired academic knowledge allowed me to enter the 3rd year of the course. In Korea, the Landscape Architecture is run by Departament of Urban Planning and Civil Engineering and closely intercorrelates with Urban Design and Planning courses.

In my first semester I became very interested in the problems of Chinese Urban development such as the lack of green and public spaces, which, unfortunately, could not be tackled by my former field of study - Landscape Architecture. Owing to the large support and encouragement from my supervisor, Professor Lee, I decided to proceed with a new field of study - Urban Design.

Heartened by similarities between the two fields and stimulated by the challenges of unknown, I soon became very fond of the new subject. In spite of my new and old speciality, I will graduate with a degree in Engineering Science since the course is run by the College of Engineering. For my final assignment, I am working on a new town design project, which was ordered from the university by Korean government. My contribution to this large group project lies in designing outskirts of the town.

Studying in a foreign country and language significantly developed my independence and mature attitude which, I believe, will become an asset to my learning in the UK. To improve my English skills I attend English language classes twice a week. I have an American friend, who lives next to my room, and we often play basketball and watch English movies. In my spare time I like reading historical and geographical books, which partly satisfy my passion for travel, teaching me about various cultures. One day I would like to go traveling around the world and enjoy different food and beautiful sceneries in reality. The books are also a great source of inspiration and new ideas for design, which I often implement in my projects.

The education in British institution would remarkably broaden my horizons to Western approach in Urban Design, which, in combination with my previously obtained knowledge and experience in Eastern countries, would endow me with a valuable ability of innovative synthesis. Thus, your university, well known for its deep expertise, proficient teaching staff and excellent facilities, is a highly desirable place for me to commence my Master programme.

After my postgraduate studies I would like to take an opportunity to stay in the UK and gain some working experience in one of the British companies. I believe that my commitment, skills and passion for the subject make me a suitable candidate for your course.

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