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There are at least two things that I'll always carry with me; a notebook and a writing instrument. They are there so that I can draw or sketch my ideas. Designing had always been a passion for me although I started following a formal art class during the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. But ever since my final year of secondary school, I've narrowed down my choices to only architecture.

As someone who likes to spend time observing things, especially buildings, I realised that architecture isn't far away from both arts and science but rather something in between. When going on a field trip, other people will walk around looking at things but I'll be walking at my own pace to take a look on how the place was built or perhaps the beauty of nature. The different designs and concepts used are the main reasons of why architecture had caught my interest.

I've been told by many people that architecture isn't just about designing and it is them who will usually be staying up late at night to finish up a project. However, being an IB student, I have adapted to this kind of lifestyle especially for my Visual Arts projects. I can also work under pressure. Besides, seeing that architecture also based around innovative ideas, I believe that the innovative and creative side of me is suitable for it. Ever since I was in my primary school, I had been attracted to handmade cards, origami, cartoons and photography. Although, I didn’t have formal art lessons at that time but I’d try doing some myself and when I’d spend some time watching videos about it. Having these personalities makes me feel confident that I am suitable for architecture.

In my secondary school years, I've taken physics as one of the subjects and in the International Baccalaureate, I have followed the Visual Arts and Mathematics Higher Level. I chose to take this subjects as I see that they highly correlates with architecture. This gives me a balanced understanding in arts and science and also how they relate. During a science week in my primary school, I’ve entered a designing competition and got third place with a fashion design of a bear fur coat. When I was 16 years old, I entered a Mathematics competition, where my team need to make a creative & interactive module for education using a Mathematical software. All the knowledge and experiences that I’ve gained pump my passion in designing.

One of my life principles is that whatever compliments or critiques given to me is an advice for me become better. As a beginner in arts, I’d sometime ask people to comment on my artworks so that I know how to improve. Some people just can’t be criticised at all but I’m open to any kind of criticism as long as I can improve from it. This is because I believe that people are different and I can learn to be better by being with them. This also leads to one of my intention to pursue architecture because I want to create a better place for people to stay. A better place where people accept each other despite the differences that they have and I believe that this can be achieved by showing them the result of being different – the variety of design. Thus, I dream of studying architecture where I could learn more about building and design, particularly about space.

However, it’d be quite hard for me to explain the exact of reasons for me to pursue architecture as it is just driven by my passion and interest. One of the prospects of architecture is that I can realize my imagination but I’m lacking of knowledge and experience of it. I like trying out new things as I can test out my creativity and see how far I can go. I’m ready to face challenges to learn architecture and gain a professional architect title.

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I'm writing this for my UCAS application but I don't know whether it fits or not. But I really hope it does.


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