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Despite my youth I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity and challenges to project manage the Interior Design of Samuel Pepys, a pub and restaurant in Northamptonshire, by someone who was willing to give me the challenge and liked my vision for when I applied for the project. This opportunity gave me a taste of how exciting Interior design is. Experimenting with colours and furniture and working with carpenters and decorators. For me the most intriguing aspect was choosing the furniture and ornaments practically and aesthetically. I had to take into consideration how easily the chairs and tables can be cleaned; will they show up dirt easily? Are they versatile enough to be used at conferences? However the biggest part was choosing the colour scheme. This was not only going to be used in the rooms but on the menus, pamphlets and business cards. – This lead to me also working with graphic designers.

That said, I feel I have the foresight and maturity to realise to take this as my chosen career I need good computer skills in design and visual techniques to enhance any natural ability that I may possess. And that is why I wish to do an undergraduate’s degree in Interior Design/Architecture.

Through my Grandmother who worked at Burghley house I became fixated in historical Interior Design. When I was shown through the mesmerising Elizabethan rooms, they were so rich and intricately detailed with the hand sewn tapestries portraits and stunning patterned fabrics. From that point onwards I have regularly visited stately homes and became a member of the national trust, with my favourite stately home being Wimpole Hall. I took a particular interest into Alec Cobbe who redecorates historic British country houses. He donated his design archives to the Victoria and Albert Museum which I visited in autumn last year.

In the summer of 2011 I did work experience at fired earth, gaining skills in creating professional mood boards – which I did for a family bathroom, and gaining costumer service skills. During my time there I had the chance to sit in a client meeting for a fitted bathroom and see what clients were looking for and the way in which designs were put forward through computer animated design. In addition I was given the challenge in designing an installation for a kitchen- choosing suitable colour schemes, tiles and fittings. I also did visual window displays and delved into decorating.

This experience led me to become a shop assistant at the stationary Art shop Coleman’s (which I began in June 2013) with emphasis in framing orders and selling art equipment from my own knowledge as an art student. As a shop assistant I have to be charismatic and persuasive in selling products and have full knowledge of the products available that we sell. What I enjoy most about my part time job is talking to costumers and giving them advice to what to buy.

Although selling a pen is different from selling a room, I have learnt how to be persuasive and put forward ideas clearly. As well as being a shop assistant I have had three other jobs in waitressing –which i have done do the last three years. The main focus point from these jobs has been customer service and working in a team, I have to work efficiently and well under pressure . I understand the importance of communicating with different clients and feel that I have gained confidence to fulfil that and talk to people at a professional level, and compose my ideas formally and clearly.

I currently work sixty six hours a week including my part time jobs and college. Due to the commitments to my jobs, I like to have a hardworking ethos. I have had to constantly be able to manage deadlines and organisation skills due to my time at college and part time jobs. It has allowed me to prepare and structure my times for when I am at university, And in full time work placements in the future.

I am currently doing a foundation diploma in art and design at New College Stamford, the course is broad and covers a lot of art related subject. . I am currently learning about 3D sculpture design and taking a particular interest into spatial design and pattern designing. What I have so far found to be beneficial from the subject is the structure of the course, and has given me perspective on what a university course would be similar to, especially because both are practical based, I have also learnt about what is expected from you as a student, self-discipline and meeting deadlines on time.
In addition I am also a representative to my art foundation course, showing that I can listen to what people have to say and take action. I have the confidence to take leadership and represent groups ensuring that everybody contributes.

Before my time at Stamford, I went to Prince William School Oundle studying three A levels in Art, Textiles and religious studies. This taught me to independently manage deadline dates and organisation skills. A level proved to be most challenging that I succumbed and passed because of my determination. I thoroughly enjoyed Art and Textiles coursework most because I could chose my own topics. I drew a lot of inspiration from Neo Classical Architecture from trips to Rome, Paris and London.

During my two years of studying textiles my coursework focused specifically into architecture. In the first year I looked into my two favourite architects Preston Scott Cohen and Odile Decq. I took inspiration from Cohen’s building ‘TEL AVIV MUSEUM OF ART’ from the way in which the rectangular whole’s in the wall play about with dimension almost to the state of confusion, With a simplistic interior and colour pallet of white and nudes allowing the architecture to be the main vocal part.

During my time studying A level Art, I looked into various artists such as Paul Klee, but there was one Artist that totally captivated me, with their piece ‘A Cold Dark Matter’ which was Cornelia Parkers Installation of an abstract exploded shed hanging from the ceiling. What enchanted me about this piece was not the artwork itself but how, it filled the room, with its lighting and dramatic shadows against the otherwise bland walls creating an intense atmosphere. That’s what enthrals me most about interior design- creating an atmosphere, one of my favourite quotes which is strictly follow is ‘ ‘ from the interior designer Sarah Ward, where her ethos is ‘simple’.

In the future, my aim is to work for an interior design company such as __________ because I work sufficiently well in teams and with other people. I would even aim to pursue A career in Historical interior design or become self-employed.

I have thought hard as to whether or not University was the correct avenue for me, but I feel that I gained enough experience, confidence and electrifying enthusiasm to pursue this degree. Doing the interior design for the pub has really revealed to me how fascinating and captivating interior design is. And with the beneficial experience that I have gained I feel that I can inject that into my work. I know I will work exceptionally hard and if you would consider me for your university I will do everything I can to be a creditable student, and get the best out of it .

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