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The rapid development of urbanisation places a huge strain on nowadays architectects to build not only comfortable and solid but also environment- and human-friendly buildings. Thus, architectural science requires a wide range of engineering and geographical knowledge. With this purpose, I was excited to learn about your master programme which would expand my knowledge to design buildings with minimal global impact.

My undergraduate studies included a one-month Garden Observation and Research which made me more aware about ecological function of architecture and inspired me to engage in this field at Master Level. The undergraduate programme also widely contributed to my architectural creativity with a broad range of alternative courses such as Basis of Woodworking and Basis of Masonry. In addition, the programme further developed my great appreciation and fondness for Traditional Chinese Architecture, in which my university specialises.

To extend my perfectionism in this ancient art, I attended sketch and calligraphy courses for 5 years. The university also gave me a valuable opportunity to pursue my interest in sculpture, canvas and pottery through extra curricular classes. One of my sculpture works was published in the book “The History and Amendment of Art”. Through making these works, I gained a profound understanding of architectural aesthetics by enhancing my sense of material, shape and colour.

The academic environment of the university contributed to my enthusiasm about architecture just as much as its physical environment. When I just started the course, I was strongly impressed by one of the campus buildings in XXX Style with cyan bricks and black tiles. Deep fascination with the architect's vivid imagination arose in me a large interest to Western Culture and Architecture.

To improve my English language skills, I often interact with International students studying at our university. Collaborative discussions on the subjects of architecture not only taught me to express my ideas clearly but also significantly broadened my horizons. To familiarize myself with British culture and its educational principles, I spent a part of my summer holiday in London, attending various classes at International School of Architectural Association. For one of our group assignments we had to design a comprehensive city concept.

This activity perfectly demonstrated the variety of thought and design notions prevailing in different cultures. It was an interesting and challenging task to integrate these ideas in a complex model of a future city. I believe that your course would advance my knowledge to the extend that would allow me to blend the architectural traditions and needs of different cultures and times in the most creative and effective way.

I also took advantage of summer and winter vacations to gain valuable work experience in the related field. Thus, working in different Design Companies and Provincial Institute of Architectural Design in the position of/as a ”.., I learnt how to”../increased my expertise in ” Furthermore, I participated in joint Hangzhou Zhongshan Road project which was designed in cooperation with American Rhode Island School of Design.

It was a Road Alteration project which included programming, protection and building of Zhongshan Road. By taking part in this project, I gained a practical insight into the entire process of the operation from investigation and planning, to design and construction. This experience taught me to appreciate the enormous collaborative effort that brings designers creation into life.

I deeply wish for my future projects to be worth such an immense effort in every single way. To design a building that is a part not only of social but also natural environment, it is necessary to compromise knowledge from a wide range of disciplines and subjects such as climate, energy consumption, fabrics and many other. Thus, I believe that your programme would endow me with the desirable knowledge, skills and practice, and I hope to make as valuable contribution to it with my previously obtained expertise and devoted enthusiasm.

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This personal statement was written by J.O. for application in 2008.

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Wow that was fantastic, your

Wow that was fantastic, your command over the english language is better than mine and I'm a native speaker!

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