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Businesses are woven into every part of our lives and marketing plays a key role in influencing our decisions. By understanding and developing relationships with consumers, businesses can be less obtrusive and more enriching to our lives; this in turn will grow more sustainable businesses.

This intersection between people and brands is a key area of interest which I am determined to build my knowledge and career on.

During my BSc course, emphasis was placed on observing user behaviour to find key insights. The empathy this human centred method gave me ultimately led to better designed products and services. I applied this to my role at Studio Make Believe as I analysed brand identities and the way they were perceived, to design products that effectively communicated their stories.

I also developed a research document expressing key insights for potential growth areas that the brand implemented. I saw the importance of marketing to develop creative strategies for more effective brand experiences.

Presenting products to clients and negotiating prices with suppliers gave me a practical outlook on the entire product lifecycle as well as the challenges of communicating across cultures. Due to these interactions, I am eager to learn strategic methods of branding and business management on an international platform.

I have been influenced by talks on the theory of affordances and explored the practical applications of behavioural economics in the International Design Camp. I collaborated with students from various disciplines to design services that would improve dental health in young children.

The experience made me considerate of many possible applications to marketing practices. I am eager to apply this design thinking and develop analytical skills in the Consumer Behaviour module. In the near future, I aim to pursue a career orienting brands and market research.

A personal endeavour to start my own business began as I travelled parts of India to better understand a culture I am a part of but have not really known. I noticed brands that we are familiar with at home were portrayed slightly differently to suit lifestyles of eastern consumers, whilst retaining their core image.

This drew me to connect with local manufacturers to design modern homewares, uniting traditional materials with a strong sense of functionality, that could be well received in western lifestyles. I saw the narrative of the collaborative process as a strong selling point.

Working with small communities to evolve dying crafts was a rewarding experience despite challenges of language barriers and differences in work ethic. I plan to turn this passion into a business. Taking this course would equip me with the practical and theoretical knowledge of all aspects of international marketing to achieve my long-term goal of making it a success.

Working as a manager and tutor for a local business has fed my appetite for analytical thinking. The learning environment has been advantageous to my creative career as it demands a flexible mind. I have seen the business grow from its humble beginnings, allowing me to see the value of marketing in the many roles I took, from designing the logo to managing other people.

I have seen the importance of the relationship between people and business on small and large scales. I believe this is more vital now to due globalisation and ever-growing digital economy. Businesses must now work harder to understand global cultures and values whilst upholding their own identity. Therefore International Marketing is crucial in grasping this area.

The research environment at King’s would allow me to build on insights which are critical to uncovering practical solutions to close this gap. I hope to contribute to discussions and develop knowledge for my personal development. I strive to better myself and would be honoured to resume my studies at King’s. The international reputation and global environment would stimulate and support my development.

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I applied to King's college London for the International Marketing MSc. My BSc was in product design and I graduated with a 1st class degree. I didn't have much experience in marketing when I applied but I recieved an unconditional offer.


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