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I enjoy all my subjects on international business communication, but have found marketing and advertising particularly interesting and would like to study it further in a postgraduate program.

It is a pivotal subject on which so many others depend (such as economics and business administration). For me, it is an endless intriguing subject, as the discipline appears limitless, allowing so much scope for further study and research.

I developed my passion for marketing during my internship in the first Economic Cluster in Ukraine named «Art-zavod Platforma». I was lucky to work as a Personal Assistant to the Director of Marketing and Public Relations (PR).

Throughout these months, I got the opportunity to study business not only from books and lectures at the university, but participate in research, decision-making process and an implementation stage of a project with the guidelines from time-proven professionals who bring new ideas into life like this «Art-Zavod Platform» first ever Ukrainian cluster.

Also, I took part in the development of projects on innovation, such as creating a room with a virtual reality device, developing a conference room that can turn into a loft (where you can hold a social event).

Finding solutions, analyzing a large amount of information, structuring data - has become my everyday tasks. I like the challenge and this experience provided me with the opportunity to overcome difficulties using critical thinking and represent myself as a valuable asset to the team.

I showed myself as a responsible and ambitious employee who can manage the project independently from the start to finish. In addition, worth mentioning is the fact that I was able to manage the marketing strategy of the entire economic cluster, which included both positioning in the market, the long-term targets of the company, communication and PR. This project served a push to an understanding of what I want to do throughout my life.

Participating as a delegate at the European Youth Parliament sessions, Model Games of United Nations and UNESCO, I was able to improve my debating and presentation skills.

Looking at the basic economic problems: historically low interest rates caused by economic downturns translated into rapid market fluctuations, upward inflation rate trends, high levels of surpluses in every industry, alternative energy topics, gave me the idea of the importance in the sustainability of the economy.

During the European Youth Sessions I was able to practice and implement leadership skills, which gave me the ability to take on a lot of responsibility and develop out-of-the-box thinking skills.

In my free time I cook for my family and friends, creating new dishes and exploding tastes. This process could be compared with brainstorming and creative ideas of advertising. I have attended culinary classes and after, cooking once in the real restaurant kitchen, gave me a chance to improve my ability to cope under pressure and adapt to the new working environment.

I would love to pursue a career in the fields of Marketing and I believe my choice of institutions matches my capabilities as well as my aspirations to become a successful Marketing Manager.

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