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My appeal for business has generated from being brought up into a family-run retail store, which unfortunately reached a decline forcing the business to cease operation. The decline of the business had later influenced me into studying a Level 3 OCR Cambridge Technical Extended Diploma in Business at the (my school). As the opportunity presented itself, I decided to study an AQA Level 3 Certificate in Mathematical Studies.

Marketing has been an aspect of business I've mostly been intrigued by, with its niche concepts, such as ideas that perpetuate themselves. When it came to doing research in my coursework, an example of this that I discovered was the Movember foundation in Jonah's Berger's 'Contagious: Why Things Catch On'. It tells of how the private activity of donating to a charitable cause was made public by merely assigning a recognisable trait or branding to donors.

One thing I have been grateful for, through doing the Business diploma, is the business event we had the opportunity to create as a class. This allowed me to take part in every aspect of running an event from designing promotional materials to helping to manage the event itself. I had many roles during the event including the deputy project manager, for this role I had to take an active part in all of the tasks plus I also had to fill in for the project manager whenever he was absent.

As well as this, I also took the opportunity to be Communications Manager. This event allowed me to control a team and maintain chemistry to produce the best event by resolving disputes prior to starting a task. I believe this was crucial as we were a small class of 9, so this would motivate individuals to do more tasks to complete objectives quickly.

Before the event, I found myself to be restricted by the lack of creative ability. But going through the course with my class helped me discover newfound traits in my own mind, with regards to creativity. The group brainstorming process enhanced my abstract cognition allowing me to think in such a way that I had never been able to, prior. I think it goes without saying that the ability to think creatively is in such high demand in the Marketing industry.

One of the captivating modules of marketing is consumer behaviour. It appeals to me as this demands empathy, a skill which I possess in my arsenal. A reason for my interest in the pursuit of the marketing degree is that it touches on other fields of business, which is very beneficial; it will help me develop new skills, improve upon my skill set, and ensure I have a better chance at a successful future. The management content allows me to improve on weaknesses, such as my democratic skills and even my strengths.

A hobby of mine is playing basketball, I played for the (my schools) basketball team from year 7-11, and still continue playing the sport by attending basketball club. Playing basketball has allowed me to develop skills in problem solving and analysing difficult situations effectively such as boosting morale and countering strategic plays from the opposition. As it's a sport revolved around teamwork, a trait which Marketing demands, the sport has given me the skill to work efficiently in a team.

Having found a passion in keeping fit and healthy, I regularly go to the gym 5 times a week. From doing these two hobbies on a consistent basis, my mind is more active increasing my endurance. This to me is beneficial as it keeps me driven throughout the day to where I can balance out my time and successfully meet daily objectives. I think this also shows that I am persistent and I don't give up easily which are important traits in any business field.

I have an enthusiastic approach to this specialisation and with all I've learned so far, I consider myself not only a suitable candidate but an appropriate one.

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Fairly proud of this. So far, I've got an offer from University of Surrey and York.Hopefully, this helps those of you who are considering a degree in Marketing or a business field.


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