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I love television, especially British television! I grew up watching the original Doctor Who, Monty Python, Benny Hill, and many others.

That love of Britain obtained through her television continues to this day, careening from dramas such as the new Doctor Who and Downton Abbey, to the comedy of Miranda Hart and Graham Norton. However, the attraction for me lies not just in the content, but also in the construction. How are these productions created? What are the logistics involved in producing these complex shows?

I studied Technical Theatre at the University of Colorado but never completed my baccalaureate. Now, for both personal and professional reasons, I am ready to do so. As a personal goal, I want the accomplishment of completing a degree. On the professional side, the lack of a degree has hindered my career progression.

So, at this point in my life I have decided that a career change is in order. I want to combine my experience in educating people, my background in theater, and my interest in technology to find a new career path in media. Learning in state of the art facilities with industry leaders like the BBC and ITV will help me accomplish that goal.

Professionally, I worked for a 500-seat theater company in Colorado, helping to produce a year round slate of musicals, dramas, and children's theater. I enjoyed the creative process of storytelling merged with the technical aspects of producing a performance.

This work gave me experience in taking an idea from script to finished production. I transitioned into a 13-year career in corporate training, training large groups, public speaking, and creating/presenting training content.

My career gave me many skills that are important to the creative process; such as mentoring, coaching, logistics, planning, and working with diverse groups of people. I have used video in the classroom, as well as helped to plan and create video presentations for online learning.

I was recently asked to create a video introduction of myself for a potential employer. I created a script, laid out the shots I wanted, and used iMovie to edit it. I was struck again at how much work went into making a short five-minute video clip, but also how excited I was in creating it. This experience cemented my desire to learn and become involved in the industry.

As a mature student of 44, I have a wealth of real life experience to enhance my school life. I have visited the UK often and been blessed to make some lifelong friends there. One of my long-term life goals is to live overseas and immerse myself in another culture. Studying in the UK is a natural way to fulfill that goal.

I hope to see the world through a different lens, as well as bring my experience and viewpoints as an American to the course. In my free time, I am an avid hiker, love the theater and the cinema, and enjoy cooking. I am a keen traveller, which has given me a wider view of the world as well as an appreciation of new cultures and points of view. I hope to explore more of the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond.

My career gave me the opportunity to hone my public speaking skills with a wide variety of audiences. My personal challenge was to engage my groups with a dynamic and entertaining style. Now I'd like to transfer that experience to create exciting, thought provoking, and entertaining television and radio productions. I have always had a passion for history, science, and biographies.

My career plan is to become a director/producer focusing on historical drama, documentaries, and educational programming. I am eager to explore other areas I haven't considered as I learn more about the course.

With the growth of multi-channel television, network television, Web channels, and even demand from the corporate world for content, I see a future where the need for programming is ever growing.

This is an exciting time to get into the Television and Radio industry. I can't wait to jump in and start creating!

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This personal statement was written by corwalch for application in 2013.

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Accepted at Univ of Salford


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