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When I was nine years old, I would secretly read a Lord of the Rings book after bedtime with a flashlight with all the enthusiasm of, well, a child. Nobody was more excited than I when we went to watch the film adaptation, and, needless to say, I was mesmerized - not only by the effects, but also by the design of its posters, websites and trailers that all did justice to the film.

I was inspired by the technology behind a world that seemed to inhabit a very secluded and special place in my imagination. More than anything I daydreamed of being part of such an exciting production. Thus my interest in media was born. Media has been, and still is, the biggest, and often most delightful, part of my life.

I have always been artistic, which came in handy when I participated and won my school's book exhibition poster contest for two consecutive years as well as gaining third place in the 2008 national contest to design a Euro-themed calendar, both of which helped me develop print software skills in a creative way.

On the broadcast platform, my school won second place with our production in the Shoot 'n' Run contest organized as part of the International Short Film Festival, where I learned the ins and outs of being camerawoman and editor.

In terms of e-media, I developed and coded a website as part of my AS coursework for Media Studies that was the prelude to creating a personal website to be opened for business in the summer, aiming to produce and sell to online customers book covers of my own design.

These experiences have given me the practical knowledge required to construct and deconstruct the message of media texts and any future projects I may undertake.

My interest in media was my motivation to go behind the scenes of the first TEDx event in Nicosia, where I spoke with the organisers and technical staff during rehearsals; this gave me a glimpse of what it takes to prepare an event of global recognition. It was an incredible experience in communication that made me realize both the complexity and commitment involved that I one day hope to emulate in my own work.

I also enjoy a fully active extracurricular schedule. Through the Cyprus Friendship Programme, a youth peace programme, I gained valuable social skills while we visited the United States for a month.

During that time, I discussed Marxism with a Spaniard who thought he was Mick Jagger, celebrated Independence Day despite being a foreigner and heard more than I ever wanted to know about a particularly painful colon operation.

Having met people with such diverse backgrounds and interests, I am grateful for the experiences I gained in connecting with cultures other than my own as well as learning the priceless value of long-lasting friendships.

Additionally, my activities as an athlete are just as vital to having a whole-rounded lifestyle. Winning first, second and third places in local and national cross-country competitions from 2007 to 2009 was largely a result of team spirit but also countless gruelling training sessions that lasted long after dark.

They were a huge part of the success that convinced me cross-country was the epitome of "hard work pays off". Being one of the most demanding sports in existence, it has taught me perseverance to achieve my goals not just in cross-country but in all aspects of my life.

My work experience at my local bookshop taught me the virtue of teamwork: working with others, asking for advice and deferring to expertise as needed. In addition to being able to make the transition from studies to workplace, respect of others and their opinion is perhaps the most important quality I learned.

Studying media will require commitment and hard work and I am determined to use my time and dedication in this field to pursue a career in media. Coming across The Lord of the Rings may have been an accident, but my ensuing dedication to media has been a wholly active endeavour.

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This personal statement was written by Natasa for application in 2012.

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University of Bristol
Royal Holloway
University of Sussex
University of Wales, Bangor

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Underwent HEAVY editing but I'm pleased by how it turned out... I only wanted to change the first sentence because it sounds too icky and cliche but my counsellor insisted. I guess if 4 universities accepted me with AS grades of ACD then she must have know what she was doing... :)


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