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If I could choose one medium to use as a universal form of communication, one with the power to provoke and unite, I would choose Film. It’s the way they portray emotion and subtly address big issues captured so effectively and vividly yet also provide the entertainment and the excitement that we so greatly desire that I find infinitely fascinating. From a young age film has been a big part of my life, from shooting silly films with my family or friends in my younger years to writing detailed essays, deeply analysing the connotations of classic cinema.

Film Studies or Film and Television Production would be ideal courses for me to study at university as they contain both the practical side to filming as well as backing it up with theoretical elements. Being able to command the cameras is as significant as knowing the ins and outs of how to use them. Having studied media-related subjects for both GCSE and ‘A’ level I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get to know film, both practical and theoretical, and have enjoyed both. There are a few shelves in our home that are dedicated to my ever-growing film collection, from classics like ‘Citizen Kane’ to more cult cinema like ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters’. Furthering my dedication to film I decided to subscribe to ‘Empire’ magazine with which helps me to keep up with the latest cinema, plus there is a weekly film club run by our media department which I attend regularly to experience quality films in a close to cinematic environment.

Although I have been using a video camera from the age of ten, my interest in media and film academically was only spurred when the time had come to pick my subjects for GCSE subjects, realising, in time, that I had an undiscovered enthusiasm for the subject. Since then I’ve been hooked. Only recently have I just signed up for doing a joint DJing slot on Maldon’s Saint FM which will give me a first hand experience of different varieties of media and improves my capability to manage time and work under pressure. Volunteering to write film reviews for my college paper and attending a 4-day film-making course at Anglia Ruskin University, from which I was singled out as outstanding from the others, have given me an idea of how to critically, and positively, analyse films but also to appreciate the work that goes into creating them. Furthermore doing a day’s work experience on set at the filming of the BBC series ‘The Cut’, and remaining in contact with the production leader for further opportunities to assist, has given me the chance to view the delicate inner workings of a professional filming.

When I find the time I keep active and healthy via the gym and have a range of other hobbies and interests. Playing guitar gives me a chance to channel my medal-winning creative talents, which I believe I possess, and gives me a chance to explore within the realms of music, which plays such an important role in film. Also I volunteer twice a week at our local youth club, one night for ‘Young Carers’ and the other night for disadvantaged children, helping in any way I can to entertain and be of general use. The skills gained from this are invaluable; the chance to work with the differently-abled and learn to work amongst new and challenging people is endlessly building my people and team skills. Working at Grove Kennels for my work experience gave me a chance to branch out, proving my ability to apply myself in multiple areas. My mark was left when I updated their filing system onto computers and constructed a new gate from scratch. In our school I mentor year 7 students twice a week, keeping them on the straight and narrow, supporting them in their school journey.V50 and Duke of Edinburgh Gold are awards that I’m currently working towards, which shows my willingness and devotion to causes that I believe in. Film is something I strongly believe in, and I would put my all into it, devote my spare time for and willingly go the extra mile to see myself achieve in.

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It's shaping up, I've had it reviewed by a few people but any extra help will be greatly appreciated.


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