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Films are an insight into the human imagination, and offer the chance to inhabit worlds that would otherwise never exist. Whilst much the same is true of literature, the addition of a visual element only solidifies the immersive nature of storytelling. This is particularly abundant in the works of directors such as Stanley Kubrick and Terrence Malick, whose mastery of the photograph adds an added dimension of absorption to their pictures.

In my early teens, David Lynch introduced me to the world of surrealism. His nightmarish visions were the catalyst for my love of cinema, and the profound impact his work has had on my appreciation for film is staggering. The encouragement that artists such as Lynch give us to expand our imagination, and encompass otherwise impossible realities, I believe, is a vital aspect of contemporary film-making. Movies hold the power not only to entertain, but challenge us to broaden our understanding of the world, and the people within it. The lessons in morality, which are so plentiful in films such as 'Half Nelson' by Ryan Fleck and 'There Will Be Blood' by Paul Thomas Anderson, are, in my opinion, some of the most poignant to ever come out of American cinema.

There is no doubt in my mind that a degree in this subject will be greatly significant for my future. I cannot think of a venture more deserving of my time than a study of film. This decision comes not just from a love for motion pictures, but also an appreciation for their importance within our lives. In my eyes, their potential is not to be underestimated. A career teaching the complexities of high quality cinema is one of my greatest ambitions. Combined with a love for analysis and technical writing, it's clear to me that reading film is undoubtedly the correct course of action for me to take.

Aside from my affection for movies I am a keen runner and musician. The discipline of running infuses me with an energy that is fundamental to my other ventures. Listening to music is how I choose to relax. I am particularly fond of soul and jazz. As a music student, I was lucky enough to be chosen for a multitude of extracurricular projects within my course, the pinnacle of which was, for me, a tribute performance to Prince in which I played guitar.

Both my academic and personal interests lie in a study of film. My short term goals are to absorb as much knowledge as I can, opening as many career paths as possible, whilst at the same time maintaining an active interest and enthusiasm concerning cinema. I hope to one day be able to call film analysis a career, rather than just a passion.

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As a film-fanatic and

As a film-fanatic and potential film student I really liked this Personal Statement. I find it interesting as I have seen many others in comparison and I believe it's the simplicity and flow of the piece that makes this Personal Statement particularly outstanding.

Load of Codswollop.

Too much BS and not enough substance.

Also as a prospective Film

Also as a prospective Film studient...really good..except the lack of your achievements! Good flow to it but you want to write more about your personal endeavours!

BS is what ALL personal statements are made of!!!

ooohh that is so good
dude (or dudete) that is such a good personal statement. im already in a film production course but that would've been so usefull like a year ago
and manage to desolve your formula: 1st paragrath- superultra bull shit, 2nd why you want to be there, 3rd why you should be there, 4th were is this course gonna take you
btw dont be offended by BS. Personal statements are ALL BS!!!


looking for inspiration on my personal statement but not studying film - just wanted to say you have great taste in cinema.

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