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I want to go to university because I want to further my education and knowledge in the subjects I enjoy the most. I have thoroughly enjoyed my BTEC Media course, mainly the film components and all opportunities including the extended writing pieces such as scripts and evaluations. I can bring energy and humor to the course as I always try to maintain a cheerful persona, which I hope, allows my fellow students to feel uplifted in my presence. I am also full of energy and enthusiasm and love working with people.

The best parts of my 6th form experience and my Media course were the film production units, such as producing a music video, and also studying films and film theories, such as my favourite movie, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. This is my favourite movie because it is an epic sci fi adventure movie and it full of suspense, action, and not to mention it is a cinema classic from one of the most successful film sagas ever. This ties in with my favourite film theory I studied, Fan Studies. The theory is applicable to Star Wars because it is proof fans can make a movie into something extraordinary, which Star Wars has done. James Cameron is one film director I have studied and is also my favourite film director, as he has produced many cinema epics. James Cameron is my favourite director because he is an innovator in his industry, as he waited for years for the technology to make his futuristic film Avatar successful, proving his determination and genius as a film producer and director. As well as his use of plots, he also makes use of cuts, which cause his films to always be spectacular. After he viewed Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, he quit his job as a truck driver to pursue a role in the film industry. For me, movies have been an inspiration to achieve at university.

Outside my course I volunteer as an Academy Photographer, which allows me to both assist the Academy and gain new experience in this technology. I have also volunteered as a prefect working on duty 2 days a week at the Academy; I did this because it gives me a better sense of responsibility. Other work I have done is working in a news studio, working as a camera operator, autocue and sound engineer, and I believe this to help in my role as I already have some experience working in a news studio (which I worked in for 2 years), operating cameras, sound and autocue/live text machines. I already have the experience for filming, which other people may not have. Throughout my studies I have participated in many extracurricular activities, such as learning to use mixing decks and the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. By working toward Duke of Edinburgh Silver, it has expanded my knowledge of camping, hiking, and outdoors knowledge, which enable me to partake in more outdoor activities. I also believe doing DofE is proof I can stay determined to achieve something and not drop out of it. In addition, my learning of mixing decks has enabled me to have a better grasp of other technologies, and make use of them. After doing this, it has expanded my teamwork and leadership abilities, which enable me to participate in group work and activities in my academic studies.

In my life I have done much volunteer work which has not only helped others, but in turn I have helped myself by learning uses of new technologies and equipment, I will need in my future. Having learned them from a young age I will still have time to expand my knowledge and uses of these, which is why I want to study film at university, expanding my horizons and thus making my desired career of camera operator (or even a film producer some day) a little step closer I hope your course will help me to aspire to reach my goals, and make be even more enthusiastic about my passions.

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