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The relationship between cinema and literature has always been closely intertwined. Literature has the power to let the reader explore and be consumed by someone else's world; we all need a break from our own reality, the willing suspension of disbelief. The ability to have a glimpse of someone else's life, has its own appeal. It presents a condensed version of human existence. Likewise, there is a similar experience with film. Admittedly, I find films to be more cathartic than books. I still remember being glued to my seat until the credits stopped rolling in '12 Years of Slave' as I was still too absorbed in the story to walk away from it. However, I could not put down Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', immersed in the encapsulating narrative with its troubled protagonist and sense of the unreal.

Interpretations are perhaps the most intriguing part of literature; as Edmund Wilson said 'No two persons ever read the same book'. The absurdist play, 'Waiting For Godot' by Samuel Beckett, is a controversial text due to the versatile interpretations. Through the absence of a structural narrative and repetitive plot, it challenges the audience's perception. However,with analysis and contextual research to learn about the French Revolution, I overcame this lack of understanding and fell in love with the complexities, exemplifying my resilience in facing challenges.

Tim Burton's Gothic productions have encouraged me to write analytical essays on his filmmaking and direction in 'Sweeney Todd' and 'Edward Scissorhands'. The dark interpretations and imagery he presents, contrast in aspects of his production to create binary opposites;the balance of undertones and overtones is fascinating. This enhanced my attention to selection and omission of details, undertaken by the auteur to create their vision.

Literature and media outlets play an important role in expressing social issues. In my English studies, I am completing a short story on the unlawful treatment of Kurds in Turkey, as well as writing an article on the effects of immigration. Through Media Studies, I have gained analytical skills and theory-based knowledge. I am creating a trailer based on an investigation I conducted into the representation of women in the horror genre. Sociology has given me the skill to understand the factors that contribute to encourage a person, a culture or a society to commit certain acts. Having lived in seven cities and four countries, my cultural awareness has developed and given me an insight into the world, teaching me to see different aspects of life. It has helped me think beyond the traditional mind set; that there is more to life than your own world.

In school, I am an Arts Ambassador for the Arts faculty. Through this role, I demonstrate responsibility, organisation and communication skills. I take an active role as the school's photographer and videographer, documenting school evenings, performances and practical examinations. Furthermore, I have completed a creative writing programme, helping me to enrich my writing skills. My critical thinking and my passion to discuss has developed through my participation in Debating Society, enhancing my ability to form balanced arguments. Being part of an exclusive event, working alongside the performance poet, Francesca Beard,has introduced me to a world of performing my own work with belief, helping me to develop both as a person and as a student, and my poem, 'Count to Five', will be published in an anthology.

I find the elements in different forms of communicating literature compelling and I believe that my enthusiasm is something a successful candidate should have. My hard-working nature and determination is exemplified through my active role in school. I believe that my hard work will lead to success in anything I devote myself to. I am excited to dedicate myself to learn, develop and expand my knowledge further within the realms of literature and film at university.

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