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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up" Pablo Picasso 1881-1973

I often get confused, angry, happy, sad, amazed, overwhelmed, shocked, lost for words, goose bumps and even the hairs on the back of my neck stand up from time to time! These are just some of the emotions and feelings I have experienced because of Film, Music and Art!!! Not just a passion for me but a way of life, why anybody wouldn't want to work in this amazing world confuses me. I'm extremely excited and looking very much forward to the next 3 years of my life.

Since leaving work in 2006 I have created over 30 short films. Initially to keep a video diary of my travels, I soon became more interested within the processes of filming and editing which soon turned into an obsession. This naturally developed and I started turning my hand to music, snowboarding, art noir and documentary films. I have experimented with various types of filming and editing methods, theses have included, time lapse photography, head cams, and even stop motion, where I used over a 1,000 separate sill images. I've strapped cameras to radio control cars, mountain bikes, snowboards and even dangled them into crevasses. I was recently asked by a friend to conceptualize and produce a music video for a track he had written. I worked to a brief, scripted, storyboarded, filmed and edited it myself. The end result was an edgy black and white music video that matched the song and brief given to me.

I am inspired by directors such as Chris Cunningham, mostly famous for his work with Aphex Twin and Bjork. His short film/music video approach with such work as "Rubber Johnny" "Come on my selector" "Window Licker" and "Come to Daddy" will always be something I will be aspiring to. Although there is "a style" associated with his work I consider each piece as individual and forward thinking in what it is he is trying to say from the last. I will be applying this work ethic and attitude to my degree and film making. I'm currently waiting on feedback from MTV and Warp Films regarding internships to start before my time time at Bolton University.

Combining my passion for music and film to pursue a career as a director just seems so natural and right in its decision. I have researched the course prospectus and feel not only will I gain the practical skills I need but the business ones too. This is extremely important to me as I plan on starting my own business again and hope to be making Music videos on a professional level after my degree.

Before my travels I had worked in the world of advertising and publishing. At the age of 21 myself and a friend set up and run our own very successful publishing and advertising sales house called Big Frog LTD. We published and distributed our own magazines, created amazing editorial and photographical content, and sold a lot of advertising. Our clients included Tescos, Virgin Megastores, Marks and Spencer, British Midland International, Jaguar, and London City Airport to name but a few. My main role within the company was to pitch and win new business. I also managed our 30 strong sales team, This included budget planning, setting targets and bonus structures, staff training, client and contract management, magazine content concept and design. I took the business to a level I was amazingly proud of and in 2006 I successfully sold my half of the business to my business partner. I strongly feel the skills I obtained whilst at Big Frog LTD are transferable not only to the business side of film industry but also the practical.

I consider myself an extremely hardworking individual. I like to work on creative projects, from conception right through to the final process. I am highly organized, a well liked individual. Focused and determined as ever to do my best at whatever is put in front of me.

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This personal statement was written by squarehead for application in 2009.

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This is my first draft, I'm not sure about it though. Your feedback would be greatly welcomed.

Many thanks


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You really don't want to be

You really don't want to be using a quote in it- it's a big NO NO for all UCAS mods and UNI mods.


I quite like the use of quotes in peoples personal statements. I think it shows inspiration and a knowledge of the world around you.

I'm no expert, you understand, but a college student researching to write my own personal statement.

But yeah, i like the quote thing you got going on, but i guess that is down to personal taste.


I really don't agree with the no quotes thing. We were always told it adds depth.
I like this statement, especially about your business - ticks a lot of 'potential producer' boxes.
As a reader, I'm excited to hear more. Have you thought about applying to better universities than Bolton? Bournemouth Arts is the best, Bournemouth Uni is also great. Look at the government website or their skillset awarded academies.
good luck

You put three exclamation

You put three exclamation marks, big grammar no no!

I don't really like the first

I don't really like the first paragraph (especially not the !!!), but I like the rest. :)

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