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Like thousands of other children, I held my father's hand whilst he voted in the general election. He always stressed the importance of voting and how it cost people their lives for us to have this political freedom today. In the 21st century, politics is predominantly displayed through the media using television, newspaper, social media and the radio to speak about new topics decided on by our government. Media can influence the way UK citizens think and vote. This powerful influence fascinates me, making me want to learn more.

I am particularly interested in world politics; specifically North Korea. Kim Jung-Un is a very interesting character; I find him unpredictable. Others may find him overpowering, the media have showed me he has the potential to be very dangerous creating an underlying taboo. A very biased image is painted by the media, which for me, produces a paradox. Is it fair to say we are our own person, yet when it deduces to making decisions, for example in the general election, a large proportion of the public turn to the media to input their decision. I would love to delve deeper into uncovering the truths behind media's input especially in politics.

I informed students about media influence on body image for my extended project. Accomplishing an A grade, demonstrates my independent research skills and my ability to keep on task to reach set goals. Theology aided my understanding of human behaviour, looking at different ethical thinkers I can apply their theories to realistic situations i.e. by understanding Jeremy Bentham's views of pleasure and pain, I now recognise why I make certain choices. I look at every aspect of my surroundings; letting me be more open minded and considerate. I find physical geography complex, but it is extremely satisfying understanding the planet I am to exist on. Human geography educated me on what to expect in future years regarding population and energy, presenting my favourite module of the whole course; geopolitics. Geopolitics particularly captivated me as I learnt about the UK and many other countries energy mixes. It intrigues me as geopolitics really outlines how different the UK is from other countries. Media assisted to influence my views through our main tasks in both AS and A2. In A2, we studied my all-time favourite module; television news broadcasts. By presenting people with information of my own material, it gave me the creative edge on my political thoughts allowing my love for media to grow evermore.

In our vertical form, I help deliver assemblies, using skills attained in media to make impressive presentations; memorable for students. As a Literacy coach; I assisted younger pupils to reach their targets. I also mentored Film Club; a club that allowed children to explore different media genres. This was a good learning experience, allowing students to be creative and my confidence skills in presenting to an audience to flourish. I accomplished the NCS Challenge; a government scheme helping the needful community. An insightful encounter which I will always cherish.

Watching Sunday Politics weekly, I like to unmask world affairs and I love to grasp the encounters of UK politics. I also use my own DSLR (digital single lense reflex) camera to capture images and upload them onto my blog. By retaining a current job at House of Fraser and a previous job at Next, I demonstrate time management skills including good work ethic and communication skills. Being extremely organised helps me to work hard to reach sales targets. I manage my school work and my job effectively to ensure that I don't fall behind presenting good management of my work load. As a strong minded, vivacious young lady, I look forward to read media and politics as I know this is the correct path in which I should veer my life.

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4 offers in under a week of sending it off, still waiting for Cardiff but their course was journalism and not media.
Keele uni- offer
Kingston uni- offer
Oxford Brookes- offer
Worcester uni- offer
Cardiff - awaiting decision


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