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The amplification of the inexplicable joy as I finished producing my first piece was too palpable to ignore. It perpetually hung in the surrounding air as waves of electrifying impetus to the growth of the infantile writer residing in every fibre that constitutes my body and whom I gradually nourished with a lucid thought-process and dexterity at juxtaposition of words. It was, thus, how my infernal love for penning down a new creation each day led me to explore the wonderful fruits of passionate writing.

Journalism has a myriad of undiscovered dimensions. It compels me, a person occasionally having an erratic flow of revelations-it could be well past midnight before an august thought pleads me to translate it onto paper, not to be tardy with my writings by finishing them during the prescribed time. Having an opinionated disposition and this is solely the result of my avid interest in commentating on socio-political occurrences in the country, it acts as a concrete platform to provide the necessary tools for legitimizing self-expression and simultaneously help me endeavour to bring the hidden details of various everyday incidents to the scrutiny of the public eye. I consider it as a propitious solidification of the threadbare conjunction which joins me to the masses through written communication.

On an honest note, the prospect of assuming the role of an intermediary between the common man and the world which revolves just beyond the reach of his insipid imagination has a touch of glamour to it. My knack for adding an iota of oomph to every career-related activity that I undertake will be further polished if, alongside print journalism with its procuring the place of my primary occupation, I also delve deep into the fantastical world of the media, the term is used interchangeably with electronic journalism, and learn the interconnectivity between the two galaxies.

I could be as much a boisterous television anchor as a quiet newspaper editor. The path to the realms of creative writing also strongly entices me and there is a high probability of my turning into an author-cum-journalist. Having infinite possible choices once I graduate, I might further proceed to study fashion and jump under the banner of the glitterati. While it is true that I cannot pursue multiple areas of interest in a lifetime yet I shall persevere to satisfy the many demanding personalities upon whose integration the essence of my soul is formed.

However, formulating my thoughts in a pattern and making them accessible to people remains my principal agenda. I do it ever so often in the form of various articles contributed to local publications. I am proud to state that my juvenile attempts at giving life to a new coherent story from each meshwork of words have been recognized by the schooling bodies to which I am grateful for bestowing me with literary titles such as An Inspiring Writer and Dramatist of the Year. Active as a film and fashion critique, I ensure to make the physical aspect of life an exciting phase of existentialism.

The United Kingdom has maintained the position of being the core of academic excellence and securing a respectable degree from its prestigious institutions will plunge me downright into cut-throat competition. I like the feeling of stepping up a rung on the ladder of fulfilled desires and aiming for the next. Working amidst people with untainted calibre and becoming familiar with a culture splendidly rich in terms of diversity, heritage, and customs will be added as another enjoyable experience to the diary of life.

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This personal statement was written by fox for application in 2009.

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everyone said it sucked. lol. so did i.


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I think this is possible a

I think this is possible a bit too much... it sounds very pompous and very much like you have regurgitated a thesaurus. Sorry!

haha i love that last comment

haha i love that last comment & completely agree. i would throw this shit in the bin & start over (y)


i totally agree....

this has made me ill! your

this has made me ill! your just trying to sell yourself through the the use of complex words! the actual essay has no direction,you even called the media and reality galaxies! what a peanut lates son peace and fucking believe x

Hym...I liked it, but I not

Hym...I liked it, but I not like Personal Statement. It was musch more like essay.

Hym...I liked it, but not

Hym...I liked it, but not like Personal Statement. It was much more like essay.

Keep it clear, concise and

Keep it clear, concise and simple.

This piece in no way tells the person who reads this anything about you, your interests, your passions, your personality... all it shows really is that you can use a thesaurus, and know how to overuse it.

It makes for a very frustrating read and doesn't flow at all. I immediately hit the snooze button on this one.

Dude, im sorry, but all you

Dude, im sorry, but all you have done is try to look really smart. It's had the opposite affect because, simply, you a looking you want to look smart. Make it tell how you are, not how a thesaurus reads.

You seriously want to be a

You seriously want to be a journalist when this is what you write like? No wonder all the papers wax lyrical about the shit standard of graduates! I'm in the middle of writing my university personal statement and looking for examples to help me. Hey, at least i've got an example of what NOT to write.

Yeah, that same amplification

Yeah, that same amplification of inexplicable joy as I finished reading this was too palpable to ignore - I laughed the entire way through!

Two words: Thesauras-Overuse

Oh, and to add to my previous

Oh, and to add to my previous comment its wrong on every level to say in your personal statement that you want to 'Plunge' downright into cut-throat competition...

I'll give you one thing, this statement sure is memorable!

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