Journalism Personal Statement Example 5 defines a journalist as 'a person who writes for newspapers and magazines or prepares news or features to be broadcast on radio or television'. This to me is a hollow definition, being a journalist is much more than just writing for a newspaper or magazine. Being a journalist is to go into the world and find stories which will educate, inform,evaluate, uncover, expose and trigger people's interests and emotions. The passion and enthusiasm to go out into the world and find stories sometimes from nothing, and turn them into a publication is much more than just writing. My passion within journalism is much more than just writing the articles, I take great interest in researching the target audience and profile, by using primary research such as interviews and questionnaires I can create more accurate and interesting articles which will use quotes and are easily referenced. Utilizing all the information from my research I can trigger different emotions in people and make people think differently. Being a journalist means being socially, legally and ethically aware, I also have to keep in mind the Press Complaints Commission when writing any of my articles.

Since studying for my BTEC National Diploma at college I have had the chance to study a variety of different units which have given me an insight into the structure of various media industries. After working on different units I found my passion was in units that I had to write articles for, my best unit so far was Writing and Editing Copy. This unit gave me a chance to write a number of articles for different publications and audiences. This unit enabled me to utilize my skills to the fullest. I also enjoyed Photography because I learnt the semiotics of a photograph can express a story with just one look and how much more powerful an article can become with a photograph. The course has been a vital step to further education giving me the confidence, determination and discipline to become a journalist.

As a mature student I have already experienced "the real world" and although I have worked in jobs that I was only in to earn money, they have given me valuable skills that I can take with me on my journey to becoming a journalist. I worked in a packing company and worked my way up to a production supervisor. In this role I had to run a group of people to meet targets and deadlines, brief my colleagues and help out where required. I have also worked in the role of assistant manager at a night club, this has given me excellent communication skills as I often have to talk to a diverse group of people, which will help me while researching my articles. In my first year of college I was also nominated to represent my class, I had to be the voice of the class and to help solve any problems my peers had. From all of my jobs I have gained some skills that I can take on and utilize in my career as a journalist. I can work to targets and deadlines with ease. From all of my jobs it is clear to see that I can take on the roll of leadership well and solve problems not only for myself but for others as well.

I have a keen interest in reading nonfiction books. My favorite nonfiction books being the Harry Potter series, as it adds a new dimension of imagination. I also like to keep up to date with the news, watching various news programs and reading newspapers. My favorite news paper to read is The Sun, I also like to read The Guardian. I enjoy listening to a diverse range of music from indie to electro.
I am highly motivated toward a career in journalism, and I believe I have the skills, qualities and passion needed in order to cope with the demands of your course. Doing a degree in journalism would be a stepping stone to my future career and I am looking forward to doing a degree which will enable me to achieve this.

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This personal statement was written by jenni66 for application in 2008.

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After many drafts of my persoanl statement this is the final product. I made the begining a little different than ones i had researched, this was simply so it would stand out from the rest and seem fresh from all the other personal statments. I made it personal to me and althought you might find things wrong with it i am proud of it, and so far it has worked for me, getting offers from the universtites i want to go to.

I hope it helps you out when your writing your personal statment.


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Thats a great personal

Thats a great personal statement, to use as a layout guide. sums up everything that would be required in a journalism personal statement!

Harry Potter, Non-Fiction?

Harry Potter, Non-Fiction?

I enjoyed the intro, how you

I enjoyed the intro, how you challenged their statement of a journalist. You clearly showed enthusiasm for this. Perhaps you could have shown interest in the history of journalism too, it may have solidified that you are dedicated to all its aspects not only the modern ones.
Harry Potter is Fiction.

hope you dont mind me asking

hope you dont mind me asking but what uni's did you apply for and get offers from?

Some feedback:

Some feedback:

Do you not know the difference between "roll" and "role"?

Saying that your favourite "nonfiction" book is Harry Potter is akin to saying It’s like saying your favourite food is I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Or your favourite song is an ad jingle. (the wizardry world of Harry Potter, by-the-way, is FICTION, it does not exist, and no editor will take you seriously if you shared that opinion.)

"I also enjoyed Photography because I learnt the semiotics of a photograph can express a story with just one look and how much more powerful an article can become with a photograph." This is like saying how much a pizza is tastier with extra cheese. Duh!

I understand you are passionate about journalism, but unless you can differentiate between fact/fiction, and fix up your spelling, I'm afraid you will be having a tough time competing against so other equally passionate and ambitious journos.

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