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I have for as long as I can remember had a fascination with people and different cultures which has manifested itself in the areas of work I have chosen during my time in travel, a national advertising company and at a filming company. The aspects of these jobs I have enjoyed the most are the research and analysis element as there is always something new to learn and conveying that information to a varied audience both written and verbally, be it researching a holiday destination for a client with special needs in travel, designing a business's advertising campaign or researching and developing a holiday destination film. The tsunami and September 11th broadcast, press coverage and the issues raised highlight just some of the reasons why I am pursuing a career in journalism. The world through tragedy was united in a common goal from what we witnessed from broadcasts and press coverage and the issues raised Journalism links our worlds together from local to international. It is a platform from which we can share our experiences, views, news and culture. I aim to become a skilled journalist that can generate an interest within my readers in order that they can make informed choices and build their own views in the world in which they live. I believe the freedom of the press is fundamental we as a society enjoy.
Since leaving school I have undertaken a variety of jobs largely in travel. On a day to day basis as a travel agent my main role was researching holidays for individual clients. I particularly enjoyed booking families anniversary's and weddings as they usually wanted something a little bit special or different and it really gave me something to get my teeth into. My success in travel can largely be attributed to the excellent communication and analytical skills I have developed both written and verbally listening and detailed notes I took from clients. Researching areas, costs and cultures, tailoring a holiday to their needs and conveying my findings to them in a jargon-free way.

My role within filming furthered my interest in journalism. As a project manager my main duties were to research accommodation to appear in a tourist destination DVD of Norfolk and on our website. Working within a multi skilled team and using my knowledge and experience in travel we compiled a tourist information film of over 100 different business's . From initial contact with the client to filming schedule and content and I was responsible for who and what was included in the DVD and website.The job satisfaction I gained in this role was in knowing what we featured not only gave the viewer clear understanding of what they could expect and enjoy whilst visiting the area but also the positive affect it had on promoting smaller lesser know attractions.

I have chosen this university course in particular because firstly it is close to home and convenient and also the course is offered to people like myself who would like to pursue a career in journalism .As a mature student I have acquired and will utilise in my studies aspects of self motivation, excellent time management and conscientious approach to my work . Relevant work skills I will use include those already mentioned and also the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, analysis and collation of complex data and can manage a wide variety of software

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This personal statement was written by kathleenleach for application in 2007.

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this statement got me the degree i wanted ive also found it copied onto other sites without my permission , i dont mind ppl using it as long as im given credit for it


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irevelent statement

too simple but thnkxs any way it might have helped others who are interested in the media world NOT ME

re comments

thanks..... i think


aightisuppose seems safe gyaie

thanks for sharing but in my

thanks for sharing but in my point of view, it's a little bit disjointed to be a suasive one

Great PS!

This was a great personal statement. One of the best I have read for journalism. Good job, no wonder you got accepted. Congrats.
It was really good!

quite alreyt

quite alreyt

so are you already a journo

so are you already a journo then ?

I am so sick of the cliches.

I am so sick of the cliches. Everybody equates their "travel experiences" to their interest in other cultures. Just because you have the financial means/opportunity to travel does not mean you are a culturally sensitive and open person.

I must admit, it is a good step to become more acquainted with the world around us blah blah blah, but if it's a Contiki tour or going to another English-speaking place or going abroad but still eating at Macdonalds and drinking at Starbucks trip, then this does not mean one has stretched nor challenged themselves.

I'm sorry but I think you over used your "background" as a travel agent too much to justify your suitability as a journalist. But then heck, I don't know what else could be used really? It's a cliche, but congrats that you got into the course that you wanted.

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