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'Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.' Walter Elliott
This epitomises my outlook on life. As a person I'm competitive, even more so when there is an end goal, and career wise for me, that goal is to educate nations on the development of the world. The media educates people that would otherwise be ignorant and blind. What intrigues me is how the media can influence how people think via a variety of different mediums. Being a representative of media would imply the need to be ethically, morally and socially legally aware, for journalism is a report of true-life events. I have a particular interest in print and broadcast journalism and hope to pursue a career in both after completion of my degree; I also have a keen interest in foreign affairs, and the importance of historical figures.
For my A-Levels, I have chosen to study English Literature, History and Psychology, each of these courses has enabled me to develop my writing skills, interpret text more efficiently, structure my writing style that is so varied for each subject and most importantly expand my knowledge. In English Literature, we have studied a selection of feminist novels such as 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Attwood as well as more traditional texts such as 'Hamlet' by Shakespeare. Investigating this subject has given me a greater understanding of how different authors convey their message; it has also developed my analytical skills and encouraged my interest in symbolism. I have always had an avid interest in modern history, in particular Nazi Germany. I have visited Auschwitz in Poland and also been to France and Belgium to visit trenches and museums. History as a subject has not only made me more aware of events and circumstances that have impacted the world in which we live in, but also made me more aware of the different implications of such events. Psychology fascinates me; particularly conformity, which is caused by people's fear of being different and standing out. Psychology has also taught me the importance of ethical rights, which play an important role in any journalism career.
I have been employed by a retail store for two years, from this I have successfully learnt how to work in a team with other hardworking people; it has also enabled me to apply my time management skills, in order to both be successful at college and in employment. I have also developed both my social and interpersonal skills, along with my organisation. Whilst at school I completed a radio course with a local radio station, which allowed me to make my own jingle along with hosting my own show. I was fascinated by how something seemingly so small can reach out to an entire city, it gave me the opportunity to gain a real understanding of the media industry, with this I had to learn how to use the controls as well as be assertive with the mic. I am waiting for a work experience placement with my local newspaper which will allow me to gain journalism experience first-hand, as well as allowing me the opportunity to create my own article. I have recently started my own online blog, which has helped to develop my skills, and given me the confidence to become more outspoken.
Since childhood I have participated in sport, mostly netball and athletics, which then led to a love of korfball. Whilst playing, I was very successful, quickly playing in the first division team which consequently led to playing for Norfolk and subsequently England trials. Although, an injury has meant I am unable to play presently, I maintain a keen interest. Sport has developed me into, a highly motivated, goal achieving and competitive person. I've also completed a course in netball umpiring, which then taught me to become more assertive and confident.
I look forward to my university life and the new challenges I will face, I believe that I am well suited for the course, as I have a genuine interest along with the motivation to work hard and succeed.

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This personal statement was written by zara221 for application in 2012.

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I received offers from all five of my choices which were:
Southampton Solent University
De Montfort University
East London University
Lincoln University
University of Bedfordshire.

I received offers from each University and firmed Solent and put Bedfordshire as my insurance.

Even though I didn't get the grades to match my firms conditional due to some extenuating circumstances, Solent still offered me an unconditional place and that's where I am currently studying an undergraduate degree in Journalism.


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