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Without film, my ideas will come to nothing. Nothing is not enough. I want to aim to be the best. My choice of a degree in Film and television is to enhance my technological skills, to learn at the highest level, to exercise my creativity. Everywhere I looked, the doors were locked. My passion for film led me to Worldwrite. This was only possible after months of research, however the results outweighed my struggles.Finding a film organization was easy, finding free training was the hard part. Coming to grips with reality. I did not give up the challenge, remaining steadfast to this day. It was by this time that I found an ad for film training on the Camden website. I went on the course and I have never looked back .The course lasted two weeks, in the first week I learned about script writing. The second week the classes ware based on how to make a documentary. From writing the idea to writing the synopsis. At end of the course we were asked by our lecturer to pitch an idea for a documentary, my pitch was a Mohamed Ali documentary. As soon I mentioned the name Ali, everyone turned sceptical; once I finished the pitch all I saw was smiling faces. The feed back I got was amazing; it inspired me to a higher level of creativity.

Worldwrite is my beginning, here, I am learning everyday. I remember my first day of training and my intense fear of making a mistake. My Job role varies each shoot; there are some days when I am working on the Z1 camera, lighting, sound, editing or even as a runner. I have learned each job is important to making the film. Having done acting at school I wanted to act but this time it was in front of the camera, I have played two roles one was a cameo appearance the other a character called Will. Being behind the camera was so different compared to performing in front of it.

Working as a volunteer increased my awareness of certain world-wide issues.
Whilst studying at college I undertook Work with People and Planet. At that time this charity campaigned for "Fair Trade". I was also given the opportunity to write an article for the People and Planet website, the article was based on the gun trade. Working as part of a team, we managed to raise about GBP 2.OOO for the campaign. Other volunteer work I have undertaken was a community project called the "Getaway". The aim of the project was to engage local youths in workshops and activities. We gave the youths the opportunity to discuss any issues they faced and the workshops that we created ranged from football to Martial Arts. The skills I gained from this were organisation, team work, critical thinking and management.

I left college in 2008, having been accepted into university I took a gap year for family reasons. I had all the time in the world to contemplate about my future and I cannot see a future where I am doing something else other than film. At present I am working on two short films. Using my links and the experience I have gained in the past few months, I hope to achieve two unique films in every way.

I feel I am someone that has gained many transferable skills which will contribute towards my higher studies and any work I undertake. This is the path I have chosen for myself to become the best in an area that I find immensely enjoyable. I have had to be flexible and quick to learn. I am proud of my achievements and looking forward to contributing to university life.

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My childhood was like gypsies as my father was in railway department and was often transferred to far off places. Since my child hood I loved their lifestyle and I always fancied them. I had this desire in me to record each and everything they do. I still remember how crazy I was for movies since my childhood but my family never allowed me for that, whenever there was a new movie in local cinema I used run from home to watch the first show.

When I was done with my schooling I decided to do a job to support my studies as I was interested in Arts but my family wanted me to go for science. I wanted to take admission in some place where they taught movie making but I could not find any such institution at that time. After my graduation I decided to join Media related field to do something which I actually wanted to do but again my family proved to be a hurdle. They again forced me to join business field because of highly paid job market. During my masters in Business Administration I met a person who was a movie maker for private functions. He allowed me to join him as camera operator. I learnt basics professional camera handling. Although this was not a big achievement but this was my first step to my ultimate goal. After completing my MBA I joined IMAYAA wear (Handy Crafts) in marketing department but due to my interest in designing and production department they allowed me to work in both departments.

I regularly visited Ajoka Theater and after every play I use to discuss different aspects of the play with actors, writer and directors. I found a way of expression in movie review forums where I used to write about acting, cinematography and directing. My passion for cinema is still alive I do not miss any new movie which is played in the local cinemas.

I was asked to work for my community organization where I volunteered myself for my community website projects. First time in the history of the organization I introduced audio visual segment of website. First step was audio recording of Friday’s sermons and Sundays lectures. Second step was video recording where I took second step to fulfill my ultimate goal and started recording videos for the website. Now it is has become a regular feature of website.

The Performing Arts is such a brilliant profession to work in, because there is so much opportunity to explore the world and your words speak what is inside you. While analyzing all aspects of the Performing Arts, I have decided to increase my knowledge in the field of cinematography, script writing and directing. I plan to enter in the film industry of my country but before that I want to be a professionally sound person. I think that your institute can offer me a combination of knowledge and exposure, which I am looking for in a Film Making course.

And it should be - My

And it should be - My childhood was like !!!->A<-!!! gypSY'S... or - similar to that of gypsies'. Maybe university just isn't for you.

lol jk

lol jk


I really liked your article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

your personal statement

your personal statement is excellent, you are clearly filled with knowledge and I envy your confidence. AMAZING

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