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The media is central to the experience of modern life. It builds and connects cultures and communities locally, nationally and globally and shapes our views of the world, our identities and our fantasies. It makes up global industries, providing employment and shaping cultural, political and economic realities. However,public relations is about reputation, it is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of obtaining understanding, support and influencing opinion and behaviour.I have read that the Institute of Public Relations define it as the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics. I see this as method of assisting the marketing of an organisation
Looking up the word publics I learn that publics are audiences that are important to the organisation. They include customers - existing and future; employees,; investors; media; government; suppliers and the general public;

I have also read a lot of books about public relations such as “Hand book of public relations (Oxford university press),An introduction of PRetc. According to these reading materials, I have got an awareness that public relations plays an important role in a wide variety of ways through our life and it is a process to disseminate information. But public relations couldnt work alone apart from propagate. It is not only an effective medium to transfer information and goodwill about organizations, publics or individuals but to set a positive image and maintain reputation between them.

My home country China is staging the Olympic Games this year; this is an opportunity for China to improve its public relations with the rest of the world. If China stages the games in a successful way without ant incidents or controversy it will be a good Public Relations exercise that not only improves China's reputation with all the athletes who participate but also to the millions that will watch TV and internet coverage.

I believe that by developing good communication skills and a motivated attitude to see different people and make various friends, this could give me a good start to study this course in the future. What's more, to deal with various people and complex situations is the career I want.I like challenges and unexpected changes and risk rather than a life of routine. I think this is why I was attracted by public relations .The right public relations strategy can make a big difference to an organisation. a person and a country.

My experience in student events and part-time jobs assists the decision to take this subject. During last term at Greenwich University while study a foundation course, I attended the student-staff university wide meetings on behalf of my class. This has developed my capacity to deal with people very proficiently. From the time that I came to this country two years ago, I have had a job in a restaurant as a bar person. Although it is work I also treat it as a part of entertainment in my life. I enjoy the busy time in the bar while a lot of customers are talking with me. I try to make good customers relations to insure their requirements have been meet. This enables me to not only work there but to improve my skills of communicate with public, responsibilities, team-working and problem solving. In addition it has given me a good review of London's social life. It has also assisted me to gain additional confidence.

During my study at Greenwich, the courses both on business communication and academic English have given me a good understanding of various communications and cultural life of our modern society. Group work on research assignments has improved my writing and organization skills. My interest in media was fuelled.

Furthermore, in my spare time, I am very interested in badminton. From a young age I joined the school sports teams in China and attended the school league badminton matches. Over time this has helped me to become a highly motivated and ambitious person.

Evidently, I have high level of interest in the subject of public relations. My qualities, skills, abilities and experience can help me to adjust to the new environment at University and to cope with the demands of this subject and complete the study of this subject successfully. What's more, to deal with various people could help public relations develop successfully but the most important is to do with integrity, in public relations and also in our life. Hopefully you consider my application in this course and give me a chance to develop and contribute in public relations.

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dont copy u will get caught

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