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Considering my skills and interests, I believe, I would find fulfillment in working in the creative industry. I am aware that media jobs are highly competitive and that is why I decided to apply for the British university. The variety of modules and professional video and audio equipment would help me to develop my talents. The education gotten at your university combined with my language skills and commitment to the subject would allow me to pursue a career in the dream field.

Nowadays media plays a significant role in our lives and I want to understand the way it influences us. The psychological aspect of media appears to be fascinating to me as well as the fact that it works closely with a range of other disciplines, like history or modern languages. I especially value the knowledge of modern languages, and that is why I took part in a student exchange in Germany and finished with the certificate “Education First” language course in London.

These experiences not only appeared to be an effective way of learning but also provided me with the unique opportunity to meet people from all around the world and develop some important communication skills. Even though, I still consider myself as an individualist, I manage to work effectively in a team of people from different cultures, therefore, with various points of view. That is because I am able to express my opinion in the discussion while listening and respecting coworkers. I also gained problem-solving skills and adaptability, which I believe, are very important qualities while working in such fast evaluating job. The time spent overseas increased my global issues awareness and as a consequence made me an empathic person, ready to take action.

Effective time management and organizational skills allow me to get excellent results at school while not giving up my greatest hobbies – literature and films. Reading books not only broadens my general knowledge but also enhances my creativity. My passion for literature is one of the reasons why I enjoy writing. My feedback from the teachers on my essays have always been very satisfying. The written assignments are challenge I am always willing to take to test my knowledge and skills. I was involved in creating a school’s newspaper the whole time I was attending junior high school. I refer to it as a rewarding experience not only because it allowed me to improve my writing abilities, but also taught me how to be disciplined and meet deadlines.

When it comes to the second biggest passion of mine, films, I am not a passive viewer. Analysing film productions let me develop critical thinking. I pay attention to every single detail which I am always willing to discuss in the group of friends or online. The process of production interests me no less. In fact, I created my own content. Together, with my friends, we won the nationwide film contest organised by Macmillan Publishers. The success is valuable for me mostly because I wrote the script as well as edited the video.

Attending an interesting course, meeting international students and being active in societies can enrich me as a person, not only as a prospective employee. It comes without saying that attending your university would appear highly beneficial for me. I believe that I will be a capable and motivated student which comes from the passion for the subject and I am willing and determined to put extra effort to pursue the dream career in media. I believe that with my creativity, energy and hard work, I would appear as a valuable person who can add something new to the academic society.

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Hi, I'm a little bit overwhelmed. I'm Polish and that's why I didn't mention A-levels. I hope there are no gramma/spelling mistakes. I'm afraid that my PS is not good enough. Please, if you have any suggestions, help me.


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