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Having grown up surrounded by emerging technology and new media platforms appearing every few years, it is fair to say that, like many others from my generation, I have been subconsciously part of the media world. Social media, mobile apps and games have transformed the way we play, work and interact with each other drastically compared to just 10 years ago. By studying an interactive subject I feel I will be able to enhance my technological abilities and my understanding of the media world while also being able to enjoy what I do.

My technological skills have been developed throughout my school years. As an ICT student throughout my whole secondary school life, I have been required to complete various pieces of coursework which incorporate interactive elements, including an animated banner, several functioning websites and a spreadsheet which doubles as an ordering system. The piece of work that interested me most was when we had to create our own game on Scratch, where I not only completed my own but also assisted several classmates successfully.

Completing my Media Studies coursework has brought out a more creative side to my work while also incorporating technological elements. I have fine-tuned my skills in Photoshop so I was able to complete both pieces of coursework, creating a magazine and book covers/blurbs. My coursework for Year 12 has been nominated for a Media Oscar against students from ten other schools within the Hexham and Newcastle Catholic Partnership. I believe that this represents the calibre of my creativity and my dedication to the subject.

The development of websites is something which has interested me for a number of years and in particular after using a free website builder to create a webpage for myself and my friend's childhood club, which taught me how to change the layout of a website and add simple links. However, it was only after creating my own website that I began to understand that the inner mechanisms of a website were much more complex that you would imagine just by looking at it. I believe that understanding the functionality of a website is just the first step that will allow you to develop even more complex technology and create something that people will be able to fully enjoy, interact with and experience.

I believe I have had a positive impact during my school life as a result of my involvement in extra-curricular activities. Just this year I was given an award for my services to the school during Year 12, which include volunteering on open evenings to guide parents and students around the school, volunteering as a car park officer and being an active member of the student council. I was also a member of the Sixth Form University Challenge team at the Debating Chambers at Durham Cathedral, where we won the competition for the second year running. I have also successfully run a number of charity initiatives to raise money for JDRF which supports research into Type 1 Diabetes.

Interactive technology has the huge potential to transform and enhance our lives and this is something we are only just beginning to understand. With so many new and different technologies on the horizon, it is extremely difficult not to be intrigued by the ways in which it is developed and how it works. To be able to contribute to the future of interactivity would be an amazing opportunity and to eventually have a career in the field is something I would most definitely love to pursue.

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