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I believe that my greatest strength is my vivid imagination. From a young age I have been fortunate enough to be able to create new worlds and characters for stories. .I have been inspired by Jasper Fforde's style of wit and wordplay in the “Literary Detective” and “Nursery Crime” series of books.

I have also been inspired by Russell T. Davis's combination of drama and comedy that made the recent resurrection of Doctor Who such a success.

This course appeals to me because I enjoy writing and using my imagination. I think that this course specifically appeals to me because it covers different genres of film and television writing, so I can learn about genres that I haven't had a chance to explore before. I understand that working I the media is a very competitive industry, however I am determined to succeed.

I think that this course will help me to succeed and offer me opportunities to further my understanding of the way that language in this media text can influence and inspire people.

I have really enjoyed college so far. Although I was concerned at the beginning about choosing mostly subjects with a creative core, I think that it was correct to follow my passion for these subjects as they have enhanced my imagination and given me confidence in my ideas and my ability to share them with other people.

Subjects such as English Language have taught me the importance of choosing the right vocabulary in a piece of text and that the correct wording of a text can give it more meaning and powerful imagery.

Extra-curricular activities such as being part of the leavers ball committee has helped me to develop skills such as team-work, people skills and the ability to work to a deadline.

Currently I am a 4th Kyu Karate which I gained through dedication to the club, hard-work and determination. I have developed my confidence, respect, dedication, determination and leadership skills. I have also been able to develop these skills in my job. It has pushed me outside my comfort zone by making me work closely with new people and people that I would not work with if given the choice.

Balancing my job, my Karate and my A-level work has been a challenge, however I have managed it by becoming a more organised person.

The achievement that I am most proud of is having a poem published when I was 13. This gave me a sense of achievement and pride because it gave me confidence in my ability to be able to write something that other people want to read.

As soon as I began my Media Studies and English Language courses I knew that I wanted to write for some medium of media. The feedback I received from my English Language coursework script reinforced my desire to become a scriptwriter. I enjoyed the time I spent writing and editing the script. I want to study scriptwriting at a university standard because I want to further my understanding of the power that language has in this area of the media.

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This personal statement was written by Melloney for application in 2009.

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I thought I would upload my personal statement as there was none for screenwriting. It's not the best that I've ever read, however it got me into all of my university choices including Bournemouth. Good louck everyone.


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Cool thanks

Thank you so much i was struggling with writing a personal statement but yours helped me ( dont worry i didnt copy and anway i couldnt because of the UCAS checking system)

You are the best

You are my lucky star! I am applying to exactly that course and I did not found any examples of screenwriting until you showed up! Thank you thank you!

Thanks this had been really

Thanks this had been really helpful. My statment has to be in next thursday :)
Just wanted to know, have you had much success as a writer?

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