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From reading my first Roald Dahl book, peppered with magic and mischief, to writing my first short story, I have always known that my drive and passion for English was destined to be more than a hobby. I love reading, and have completed dozens of short stories and, more recently, short film scripts. In my studies so far, I have developed my analytical skills in literature, and have become fascinated with the ideas and concepts behind poetry, drama and both historical and modern literature, such as 'Regeneration' by Pat Barker, which enlightened me, in a darkly emotive way, to the psychological battles suffered in WW1.
When it comes to film, I enjoy European cinema and was enthralled by the romanticism in Julio Medem's 'Lovers of the Arctic Circle'. I found it abundantly more gut-wrenching than typical Hollywood tales of star-crossed lovers, and I am excited to discover more realms of cinema during my university course. I have often looked forward to discussing film with friends, and cannot wait to have similar discussions with like-minded people on a university level. With a father living in London, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit art-house cinemas and have built up a love of cinema, both classic and radical. I have also had the chance to take part in an ADR session, and acted in a voice over for a young Canadian girl in the ITV drama 'Child of Mine'; I loved being in a studio and getting involved with the production of an episode.
With regards to literature, Sylvia Plath, one of my favourite poets, conveyed her emotions so vividly that I feel truly grateful to have writers among us who provide such intricate material for analysis. I also believe that film is a highly sensuous form of creativity and means of storytelling and I love how these two practices are both open to debate and consideration. It is my fascination with both of these creative outlets that has driven me to my decision to study English and Film at university.
Outside school, I have started a blog in which I comment on film and contemporary culture. This has been a really fun way to explore a different method of critical writing and has opened my eyes to the possibilities of journalism as my career. I upload my own short stories to a separate blog, which I have left open to comments from arbitrary readers, in the hope of gaining unbiased criticism and consequently improving my work to a higher standard. I am confident I will keep this up at university and hope that my lectures will give me a more insightful perspective when pursuing this creative passage.
In Year 11, I was chosen to be part of a small group of Prefects who helped man the corridors and acted as an understudy for the teachers. This really showed me how to act as a responsible member of society; I enjoyed being the student the younger pupils could turn to and ask for help. With regards to English, the role of a Prefect also meant that in the library, students could ask for reading help or an opinion on which books would be appropriate for the topic they were studying. This heightened my appreciation of literature, as I was reminded how illuminating it can be, even to a child much younger than me. I really enjoyed being a part of their experience in school and am grateful to have been offered that opportunity.
One of the main reasons I believe I will be able to adapt to higher education is because, for various reasons, I have lived away from home for the past year. This, predominantly, has taught me to be an independent learner and not rely on the nudge of a parent to finish coursework and generally take responsibility for myself.
I believe I can bring to the course not only potential, but an open mind and a fierce aspiration to learn. I hope I have illustrated my passion for these subjects sufficiently and shown how keen I am to absorb every part of this degree I can, and leave university as an elevated writer and appreciator of English and Film.

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