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The reason as to why I would like to study film is because the way it has influenced trends, social movements and internet culture is very intriguing. My love for film has stemmed from photography and this is because I like to see film as photography in motion. We often come across the quote "A picture is worth a thousand words" which is very true because, without context, a picture could mean anything. Film adds that context and with this, we see how ideas from film have affected the way people perceive social and political issues, comedy and even love.

Teaching myself photography has taught me discipline because the only person with expectations is myself. I did not have any deadlines or pressure and without these things, procrastination affected my artistic development. I acknowledged this and decided to look at other peoples work and gathered inspiration and skills from them. This lead to me teaching myself how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve a certain look for a photo and how to fix any mistakes without relying on others.

I have always been interested in writing, whether that be short story writing or screenwriting. I won a 50-word short story competition which lead to my story being published in a book with many other short stories within the country. Writing stories from a young age has made want to pursue a career in screenwriting as well as filmmaking.

The element of the course I am looking forward to studying the most is screenwriting in film and this is because the script is essentially the core of it all and I would like to use my creativity and ability to learn from others and myself to create something important and influential. I believe I will contribute positively to any university community I am accepted into because I am very active in issues to do with discrimination and prejudice which is what I spent the majority of year 12 doing and making sure I spread awareness to do those who were ignorant to it.

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Hi, I was just wondering if this personal statement is good enough to submit to a university.

I also still have some characters left because I was conflicted on whether to add my work experience which I did in a nursery therefore I thought it wouldn't be very relevant. If you think I should please let me know!!


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Your writing is alright, and may be widely accepted at any basic university, but if you're aiming for the kind of place that has a low acceptance rate, i suggest putting more originality, or more of your own personality into this. Like, what makes you believe you will contribute positively? what aspects of your own individuality can you bring to the table that will make you an un-replaceable resource to this university? This is especially sought after, seeing the type of course you have chosen to pursue .You've got the basic gist down, but it needs to be refined.

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