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The idea of being able to create entertainment or capture the world's issues through a camera lens has always intrigued me. I chose to focus on film studies at A-level because the course promised to be provoking and interesting. Having embarked upon the course I was struck by how the moving image impacts on our day to day lives.

When I watch cinematic images, I actually feel that I am a part of the scene, either as an extra character or as an observer watching the events unfold. I particularly enjoy the analytical aspects of the course notably mise-en-scene, camera work and editing, because I now watch films and analyse them in a psychological way. This challenges me to understand the film-maker's implied messages and subliminal values which I apply to my own knowledge and interpretations.

John Hughes is my favourite director and screen writer. His iconic films had a huge impact on the modern teen films we see today because of the high key lighting, authentic music and overall joy which his work incorporates. My essay 'How distinctive were John Hughes' films in the 80s genre?' investigated his approach.

For my college courses, I chose subjects that would enable me to be creative. Film studies, along with performing arts and media production gave me many opportunities to progress. I developed my skills through a range of scenarios. My particular favourites were using Photoshop to design a magazine front cover and using a DSLR camera to direct and produce a short motion picture. My presentations, essays and performances have broadened my creative palette.

This summer I was a volunteer at Sheffield's 'Doc/Fest', the world's third largest documentary film festival. I worked as part of the 'Film Crew' fulfilling a variety of roles, for example, checking tickets and passing around the microphone at film-makers' Q&A's. I met the famous film maker Michael Moore, a personal highlight. Doc/Fest allowed me to experience the organisation and running of a film festival. I plan to volunteer again next summer. I was valued and received an excellent reference from the Doc/Fest team.

I have worked in two retail jobs. These gave me the opportunity to work, often under pressure, in challenging circumstances, and to interact with others. I was an RAF cadet for three years working largely in group situations but was also given a leadership responsibility for younger cadets. These experiences have taught me to be independent, to work in a team, to survive under pressure and achieve results. These are all transferable skills that I believe will be vital in my future career.

My interest in film is not limited to my studies, it extends into my personal life. Film is an art form. Different elements are brought together to create a piece of art. I love how something as simple as a camera can capture beauty, emotion or excitement for the viewer. I watch a range of film genres, regularly watch documentaries and enjoy DVD box sets. I enjoy going to independent cinemas and watching films which are unique and often include gritty themes.

There is no doubt in my mind that a degree in film will have a major impact on my future. It is a natural choice for me as it will enable me to pursue my interests and look into the varied influences that have helped shape the impact of the film industry. My passion to study film, is not only based on my love of cinema, but also how I can use this medium to affect others. I will be able to further develop my skills, widen my knowledge, increase my understanding and perhaps continue into further studies. Throughout my film studies course my major interest has been in film theory. Because I have enjoyed this aspect of film I think that I will consider teaching this at some stage in my future.

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